Podcast #344:
Tragedy, Turmoil, and Transformation

Cynthia Pasquella

Guest: Cynthia Pasquella

I was watching Thursday Night Football last night…

The broadcast opened with a motivational segment, narrated by award-wining actor Forrest Whitaker, about the undeniable facts of life — the ups and downs, triumphs and tragedies, victories and struggles.

Life is never easy, he said.

Nor would he have it any other way. Because it’s the hardships, adversities, and setbacks — the behind-the-scenes drama — that make the victories so sweet.

The struggle is not optional but requisite. Happens for us, not to us. It has the propensity to topple, teach, or transform. The choice is ours.

Mr. Whitaker’s speech could not have come at a more perfect time, as it embodied the life and times of today’s podcast guest.

If you ever met Cynthia Pasquella, you might notice her slight Southern twang, welcoming smile, or made-for-TV looks. You might wonder where you’d seen her before. And if you couldn’t quite place her, you’d certainly Google her the first chance you get.

What you’d find is a successful, passionate woman living her purpose — the bestselling author, the media personality, the public speaker and educator, the entrepreneur.

But what you’d likely never imagine is her struggle.

Behind the curtain and out of sight is the story of a deeply impoverished upbringing beset with domestic violence, sexual abuse, and interminable tragedy.

On today’s episode, Cynthia revealed her story to me (and to you) in a way that she has never told it before. Unfiltered and powerfully vulnerable.

It’s a story that could have easily toppled her, but she chose transformation. It happened for her, not to her. Life is never easy.

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