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Podcast 271:
The Paleo Kitchen

Paleo Kitchen

“Anything worth doing is worth doing poorly at first.”

Seldom does a day go by that I don’t remind myself of those wise words imparted by farmer Joel Salatin on our podcast in 2012.

Human beings have the tendency to expect greatness on their first attempt at something new.

Then, when faced with the reality of false, unmet expectations, we abandon everything we know about “trial and error” and “practice making perfect”.

Mr. Salatin’s words are applicable to every aspect of our lives — love, work, friendships, etc. — but the kitchen is where we tend to take our failures most personally.

I’m sure Julia Child burned her first cake, but that didn’t stop her from trying again.

And my first attempt at preparing pork belly didn’t turn out perfectly last week (learn more below), but last night’s attempt was about five-percent better.

I’ll keep trying, because learning how to cook my own delicious meals is certainly worth doing.

Last Thursday, George Bryant and Juli Bauer — co-authors of The Paleo Kitchen — stopped by the podcast to share why you don’t have to be born wearing over mitts to become an incredible cook.

Here are my notes!

5:30 – How Juli got OUT of The Zone and into Paleo.

8:15 – What to do if you want to create your own cookbook.

11:15 – Who eats all of those leftovers???

12:53 – Is there a place for “desserts” in Paleo? Get their take!

16:00 – George & Juli’s BEST tips for sticking to your diet.

18:28 – George’s #1 key to overcoming body image issues and bulimia.

21:00 – How to deal with brutally mean people online.

24:09 – Pro tips for creating new recipes and choosing which ingredients to use.

26:28 – A super simple Pork Belly recipe! (Cocoa powder, who knew?)

29:07 – George and Juli’s Top 3 Favorite Recipes from The Paleo Kitchen.

31:25 – How to stay in shape when you cook and eat all day!

32:58 – Inside The Paleo Kitchen cookbook.

34:53 – Never Quit…even while shooting trick shots off my roof. :)

This show was a TON of fun. Click the play button below to catch the entire episode!

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Stuff Mentioned in this Episode
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The Paleo Kitchen cookbook

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