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Podcast 230: Brain Grain with Dr. David Perlmutter

grain-brain-bookby Allyson Drosten-Brooks

Heart healthy.

Lowers cholesterol.

These familiar labels are stamped across products up and down the supermarket shelves.

They’re the lines that you hear repeatedly during commercial breaks.

And for those who don’t know any better, thy are what people look for when making their food choices.

But here’s the thing – cholesterol is VITAL for life. If we didn’t have cholesterol, we’d be dead.

And the war against cholesterol needs to end now.

Dr. David Perlmutter, author of Grain Brain, was recently a guest on UW Radio and discussed the role of cholesterol for many essential life functions.

For example…

Did you know that 25% of the cholesterol in your body is found in the brain, where it is an antioxidant, helps build neuronal membranes, and is the precursor that allows your brain to make vitamin D? (Estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, and cortisol, too.)

With that in mind, why would we want to lower cholesterol, hence inhibiting those functions that are vital for life?

Dr. Perlmutter also shared the shocking results of a study observing the correlation between cholesterol levels and cognitive brain function. But you’re going to have to listen to the show to find out the results…

Bottom line is, cholesterol is your friend helping you live a long, healthy life. Not your enemy.

Click the player at the bottom of this post to listen to the entire interview.

Here are my notes:

5:06 – The impact Dr. Perlmutter had on Dr. Oz.

9:10 – Why you shouldn’t let the government tell you what to eat.

14:42 – LDL vs oxidized LDL – know the difference!

17:10 – 4 vital functions that require cholesterol in the brain.

20:20 – Why cholesterol should be your BFF, not your worst enemy.

23:43 – Is whole-grain wheat bread more toxic than a Snickers bar?

29:07 – Your brain on gluten.

32:20 – Heard of leaky gut? There’s even leaky brain.

34:15 – Do your kids a favor – put them on a gluten-free diet.

36:15 – Dr. Perlmutter’s opinion on quinoa.

38:40 – The antioxidant hoax.

40:52 – 5 foods that prevent oxidative stress.

42:00 – Caller Q: Can gluten-free products still affect the brain?

44:26 – Caller Q: Is brain fog the result of a gluten sensitivity?

46:47 – Caller Q: How effective is liposomal glutathione?

49:10 – Caller Q: If you’re on a gluten-free diet, do you only eat protein and vegetables?

51:06 – Caller Q: Are there other harmful elements in grains beyond gluten?

55:45 – Caller Q: Is there a difference between the diet Dr. Perlmutter recommends and the paleo diet?

57:30 – Caller Q: What is Dr. Perlmutter’s opinion on the supplement KetoForce?

1:01:24 – Caller Q: Can you fully recover from damage caused by gluten?

1:03:10 – Why MS is a gut-related disease

1:09:41 – Suffering from blood sugar issues? Here’s a marker you should test for.

1:15:35 – How to lower triglycerides.

1:16:33 – Report your gluten-free success stories to Dr. Perlmutter!

1:17:56 – The Grain Brain breakdown.

Click the PLAY button below to listen in. And grab a copy of Grain Brain HERE.

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Enjoy the show!

Allyson the Assistant



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