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Podcast 229: How to Heal Fungal and Parasite Infections

Paul_smiling_in_gymby Sean Croxton

Got bugs?

Chances are you do. In fact, nine out of ten people reading this blog post right now have a fungal or parasite infection.

No, I’m not trying to scare you. I’ve actually seen this firsthand when I worked with clients.

Fungal and parasite infections were rampant!

I’d say that at least eighty-percent of my clients came up positive for some kind of gut bug on a stool test.

Unfortunately, my clients hadn’t been able to get the help they needed since the medical community thinks fungal overgrowth and parasites are quackery.

They. Are. Not.

This stuff is real, and it’s at the root cause of a ton of nagging symptoms and health conditions.

With qualified help so hard to come by, this week’s Underground Wellness Radio guest Paul Chek went out of his way to put together a 5-disc DVD set on exactly how to heal these infections…and ensure that they don’t come back.

As always, Paul brought his A-game with killer info, laugh-out-loud stories, and just a touch of explicit language.

(Just a warning if you have kids.)

Click the player at the bottom of this post to listen to the entire interview.

Here are my notes!

5:17 – What Paul found out when he tested his own food sensitivities and intolerance.

8:27 – “Your whole life is involved with a fungal or parasite infection…”

9:57 – The single most important factor in eliminating a fungal/parasite infection.

14:15 – How introverts have an opposite stress response compared to extroverts.

16:05 – The sky high number of people affected by these infections!

17:18 – Why we’d be in much worse shape WITHOUT parasites.

19:57 – The best way to get motivated to DO the healing protocol.

27:20 – What is a fungal infection and are they so difficult to get rid of.

30:30 – Note to vegetarians: Plants are carnivorous!

32:17 – The Symptoms: How to know if you have a fungal/parasite infection.

35:28 – BPH can be a fungal infection. A must listen for the guys!

37:10 – An interesting theory on blood sugar regulation and fungal overgrowth.

38:46 – Are fermented foods good or bad while on an antifungal diet?

43:06 – Caller Q: How to get enough calories on a carb-type diet.

47:00 – Caller Q: How do I educate people about this stuff?

49:37 – Specific herbs and healing substances for fungal/parasite infections.

53:18 – A HILARIOUS story about when Paul got oil of oregano…down there!

56:27 – Two sneaky tricks to kill parasites.

1:05:42 – What to do if you have symptoms but your lab tests come up clean.

1:13:15 – Email Q: Should I take diatomaceous earth to prevent infections?

1:16:55 – Caller Q: I’m having trouble dealing with betrayal. What advice do you have?

1:25:00 – A sneak peek at Paul’s Real Food Con presentation!

Click the PLAY button below to listen in. And head over to to get your hands on Paul’s Healing Fungal and Parasites DVD set!

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Enjoy the show!

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