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Podcast 227: How to Clear Up Brain Fog!

BrainBookCVR-199x300by Sean Croxton

And the fog rolls in.

You walk into a room with purpose, then all of a sudden you can’t remember why.

You’re in the middle of good rant and suddenly forget what you’re talking about.

Life is good, but you can’t help but feel depressed and unmotivated.

And those darn keys! It’s like they grow a set of legs when you’re not looking…

If you feel like your brain isn’t quite what it used to be, you’re probably right. Brain related disorders have become incredibly common. Unfortunately, both western and alternative medicine have completely missed the boat on the cause and cure for these issues, typically chalking them up to aging.

It’s not that simple.

While aging does in fact play a role in brain degeneration, there are plenty of other contributing factors that are not being addressed or even considered, including blood sugar problems, autoimmunity, stress, food intolerances, infections, neurotransmitter deficiencies, hormonal imbalances, and more.

Last night on Underground Wellness Radio, Dr. Datis Kharrazian — author of the book Why Isn’t My Brain Working? — joined me for a fascinating discussion about the root cause(s) of brain fog, depression, anxiety, and other common brain problems. Plus, how to fix them!

Click the player at the bottom of this post to listen to the show.

Here are my notes…

1:43 – Info about Jim Kwik’s new brain coaching video series.

6:00 – How both western and alternative medicine are limited in options for brain related disorders.

8:55 – The most common way people damage their brains.

11:14 – The BEST diet for brain health…and how gluten sets the brain on fire.

13:25 – Why standard gluten testing is incomplete and actually kinda pointless.

15:49 – How to use nutritional compounds to cool down a gluten flareup.

18:05 – How poor brain function causes digestive dysfunction…and how gargling, singing, and gagging can fix it.

25:16 – The link between brain inflammation, leaky gut, and depression. And why antidepressants and amino acid therapy won’t help!

28:49 – Can the head trauma from playing football can lead to brain degeneration later in life.

30:49 – Nutritional compounds YOU can use to dampen brain inflammation.

33:12 – How to get rid of brain fog.

34:15 – An EASY way to find out if your brain is leaky.

38:45 – The three stages of autoimmunity…and how a medical diagnosis can be too late.

44:43 – A controversial immunological approach to autism and why vaccines may not be the cause.

49:30 – How doing things that you’re bad at (math, puzzles, games, balance, etc.) can improve brain function.

50:51 – How hormone imbalances — like low estrogen, testosterone, and thyroid — cause neurotransmitter imbalances and mood/motivation problems.

55:41 – How administering progesterone after a traumatic brain injury dramatically reduces swelling and improves recover rate.

56:54 – How Dr. K takes care of his own brain!

Click the PLAY button below to listen to the entire interview.

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