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Podcast 225: Not Your Ordinary Paleo Book.

Dura_9780307889171_jkt.inddby Sean Croxton

I have a new favorite book.

When John Durant’s new book The Paleo Manifesto arrived in my mailbox, I rolled my eyes and left it to die in the mountainous stack of unread books atop my bookcase.

The last thing I wanted to read was another paleo book that said exactly what the last one said. I’ve got better things to do.

BUT…after John sent me a Facebook message inquiring about a spot on the radio show, I decided to flip through his Manifesto and was happy to see very few mentions of gluten, lectins, 30-day challenges, and other common paleo topics.

Instead I saw sections on gorillas in captivity, Moses, hot air balloons, the science of disgust, the Bambi Effect, and a bunch of other cool topics seldom broached in the paleo space.

And when I finally had a chance to read John’s book this week, I was no less than blown away by how thoughtful, historic, and engaging The Paleo Manifesto turned out to be. When I got to the end I was actually bummed that it was over.

He should write a sequel.

Mr. Durant joined me this afternoon for what I had a feeling would be a classic episode of Underground Wellness Radio.

Click the player at the bottom of this post to listen to the entire show.

Here are my notes!

1:30 – Great news about our upcoming Real Food Con FREE online event!

4:35 – How John became fascinated with the paleo lifestyle.

5:33 – What humans can learn from zoos and animals in captivity.

8:28 – How to tweak the human habitat to produce a healthy species.

10:30 – Do we need to replicate Paleolithic man and woman to be healthy?

11:48 – Was Moses a microbiologist?

13:50 – “Life was good. We ate something we shouldn’t have. Now life is bad.”

14:26 – The emergence of religions as humans became city dwellers faced with the reality of infectious disease.

15:07 – Wash your hands! Mosaic law’s obsession with hygiene and cleanliness.

18:52 – Why the Israelites were exempt from the plagues.

20:24 – The Torah forbids pork and shellfish, then why are they okay to eat now?

23:26 – How biohacking lies at the very core of evolution.

26:00 – Why things get worse before they get better when there is a change of habitat.

27:16 – Homo Invictus: How the human species moves forward by unknowingly pushing the limits of our existence and discovering novel habitats.

30:32 – The art of standing. How some of the world’s greatest thinkers worked while standing up. Plus, quick tips for adding some stand-up to you life.

34:40 – How standing up can raise testosterone levels.

35:55 – The connection between our obsession with reducing fevers and the rise of cancer.

40:40 – How the decline in hunting is becoming an environmental problem, including overpopulation, starving animals, and invasive species.

45:45 – The power of disgust and how it can drive moral judgments, including judgments regarding food and the people who eat “disgusting foods”.

49:41 – The boycott on milk. How the vegetarian refusal to support ethical farms hurts the food system.

52:05 – Eating local. Why John thinks the concept of reducing food miles is deeply flawed.

58:50 – 2012 German Study. Does the lack of meat in a vegetarian diet cause a mental disorder? Or does the mental disorder drive the decision to become vegetarian?

Click the PLAY button below to check out the entire interview. And click HERE to order his book. It rocks!

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Sorry, no new white board video this week. Things have been crazy around here with Real Food Con coming up next month. Will post 2 videos (at least) next week. Promise!

Happy Friday, friends.

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