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Podcast 220: How to Have the Perfect Poop!


by Sean Croxton

These guys know their sh*t.

(Sorry, just couldn’t help myself…)

Jordan Reasoner and Steve Wright of SCD Lifestyle joined me on Underground Wellness Radio a few weeks ago to teach you how to have the perfect poop.

According to listener feedback, this was one of the very best episodes we’ve had all year — tons of amazing info on hormones, detox, intestinal infections, lab testing, and gut healing protocols.

Click the player at the bottom of this post to listen to the entire show!

Here are my notes…

2:50 – How Jordan and Steve became “poop nerds”.

6:17 – The definition of the perfect poop.

9:04 – How many times should you poop every day?

10:15 – The 3 body systems responsible for having the perfect poop.

13:45 – What the hormonal system has to do with perfect poops.

17:37 – How adrenal fatigue leaves you wide open for intestinal infections.

19:11 – If your systems have crashed, what kinds of symptoms should be looking for?

21:36 – How overwhelmed detox pathways, or a sluggish liver, lead back to your gut.

24:34 – Why some people seem to always have negative reactions to supplements.

25:24 – How detoxification/digestive dysfunction lead to brain fog and skin problems.

26:10 – How constipation burdens the liver and leads to a vicious cycle.

27:48 – Case studies: “From Birth” clients versus “Trigger” clients.

33:40 – Caller Q: Is diarrhea from spicy food a sign of gut dysfunction?

35:54 – Email Q: Colonoscopies and “pencil poops”.

38:38 – The BEST stool tests for detecting bacterial and parasite infections.

39:25 – Caller Q: Powerlifting, protein powders, and liver detox tips.

42:06 – Email Q: Diet and supplementation tips for gallbladder removal.

43:25 – Caller Q: Why do my doctor’s tests always say I’m fine?

46:15 – Email Q: When dealing with constipation, can taking supplements like magnesium lead to a dependence upon them?

48:50 – Email Q: What does it mean when I have undigested food in my poop?

50:25 – Caller Q: What causes white spots in the stool?

52:45 – Caller Q: If we eat 3 times a day, shouldn’t we poop 3 times a day?

58:22 – Email Q: What specific steps to take after falling off the SCD wagon?

1:01:07 – Email Q: Tips for diarrhea while on a grain-free and sugarless GAPS diet.

1:02:10 – Caller Q: I’m a triathlete with diarrhea, am I eating too much fat?

1:07:00 – Caller Q: How to treat parasitic and bacterial infections.

1:10:13 – Caller Q: How to increase the population of good bacteria with real food and probiotics.

1:14:43 – Caller Q: Accutane, antibiotics, and incomplete, messy poops.

1:17:53 – Caller Q: How to treat SIBO with herbal protocols, diet, and antibiotics.

Click the player below to listen to the entire episode!

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