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Pizza is a Vegetable?

by Sean Croxton

Nothing surprises me anymore.

Absolutely nothing.

I know, I’m a few days behind of this ridiculous bit of news but it turns out that our elected Congress has managed to classify pizza as a vegetable.

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any sillier than that “fat tax” imposed by Denmark’s government on all food products high is saturated fat, this happens in our own country. Right under our noses. And on the lunch menus of our precious children.

If you think obesity is out of control now, just wait until our “pizza is a vegetable” generation (Generation P) grows up! The future ain’t looking so good.

If you’ve ever wondered just how powerful the food industry is, look no further than this story of corporate creed and government complicity.

Click the video below and get the scoop (or slice) of this congressional tomfoolery.

Sorry about the blurriness. This was totally impromptu and I didn’t feel like waiting 2 hours for the HD version to upload.

Sean Croxton
Author, The Dark Side of Fat Loss



6 thoughts on “Pizza is a Vegetable?

  1. Rebecca

    Ever seen the kids movie WALL-E? That will be our future. A bunch of fat people living off the government and are only fat because we listened to their recommended guidelines. I think a whole lot of people in government (or lobbyists rather) want us to stay fat and unhealthy just so they can have more control over us and make more money.

    I know not everyone in DC is for big government but you have way too many with too much power who want to control you and me. In Chicago (I believe) they banned home school lunches! WHAT? If that ever happened in my city you bet I would go bananas. How dare government tell me they know what is best for MY child. If government doesn’t change it seriously is only a matter of time before “mommy” government takes control over everything we do. But that won’t change until people smarten up and stop voting in the same corrupt politicians year after year.

    What happened to freedom?

  2. Wolverine

    This was actually quite predictable, as a matter of fact, I did predict it. I had a post on October 18 illustrating how the government will interpret the MyPlate to endorse highly processed food.

    The photoshop image I created of the Mama Obama Pizza listed the tomato sauce as a vegetable. I feel vindicated by this congressional idiocy.

  3. Ian K


    The title isn’t exactly correct. The gub-mint basically *didn’t* change the guidelines on how they rate tomato paste as a vegetable serving and this allows the amount of sauce typically IN a slice of pizze to be counted as a vegetable serving.

    This doesn’t remove the stupidity from the nutritional allowances or guidelines, but it’s not entirely accurate to say they’re classifying pizza as a vegetable.

  4. UW Sean Post author

    I think about that movie WALL-E all the time. It’s where we’re headed. Darn shame.

    That Chicago law is unbelievable!! My goodness.

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