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Life Equals Risk

Life equals risk.

September was certainly the month of risk for my friends and me. I’ve always been a firm believer in getting out of our comfort zones to move forward in life. People thought I was crazy to leave a steady personal training career to pursue my Internet dreams.

Now, I’ve got the coolest job ever!

Last week, I stepped out of my zone again and endorsed my first supplement on Underground Wellness Radio. Even my closest friends thought it was a bad idea.

The response was more positive than I ever imagined.

A couple weeks back, my podcaster-in-crime Robb Wolf released his first book The Paleo Solution. In a time when people have learned to fear animal foods, Robb elected to go against the grain, fearlessly encouraging us to return to our carnivorous ways to regain our health.

Robb’s book is currently #41 on the Amazon bestseller list.

Lastly, I wouldn’t be me without the influence of my mentor Todd Durkin. The first guy to hire me out of college, Todd‘s enthusiasm, passion, and courage inspired me to create the ever-expanding vision for Underground Wellness. He taught me that I wasn’t just a personal trainer, but a visionary with the power to create whatever I wanted in life.

There are thousands of personal trainers, but there is only one TD. It takes a big vision to become trainer to a Super Bowl MVP, World Series MVP, NLF MVP, and Olympic gold medalist.

Yesterday, Todd’s first book The Impact Body Plan was released in bookstores around the country. I could not be more proud of him. He had a vision, took a risk, and achieved his goal.

Life equals risk. If you’re not taking risks, you’re not living. Feel the fear and do it anyway. There are no failures. Every adversity carries with it a seed of equal or greater benefit.

Go for greatness!



Sean Croxton
Underground Wellness
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7 thoughts on “Life Equals Risk

  1. Jon Ham

    I totally agree Sean. Change usually equals growth. It’s time for us fitness professionals to step out of our comfort zones and start making a change. Congratulations on everything!

  2. Mike Drewry

    Sean, that was a beautiful message. Great post!
    I sent that same exact Will Smith message to Josh about 6 months ago! I LOVE that one.


  3. james

    Great post. I actually received a link to your blog via a distributor in LifeVantage….a few weeks back I learned of Protandim and signed up here in Atlanta to not only take it but to also become a distributor! Anyhow, I feel this was a bit of a “risk” for me by moving into MLM but I truly believe in the power of Protandim. We’ll now see how much I can continue to push outside the proverbial box to try and grow the business!

    I’ve enjoyed reading your “posts” and will continue to do so. Sounds like you are taking control daily of your life and for that, I commend you.

    Best to you in all of your endeavors!
    James M.

  4. Karrie

    One of my favorite quotes “What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?” “Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway” is another favorite. Thanks for using it! Ever since I read Susan Jeffers’ “Feel the fear” book, I’ve been working to push past my comfort zones. I know how hard it is to do, so good for you for getting out there!

  5. Tom

    Hey Sean,

    Awesome post, it is essential that we constantly push our boundaies. We need to be looking for new challenges and new paths in life!

    Good luck with the product!

    Really hope it goes well for you


  6. Lauren Noel ND

    “Life equals risk. If you’re not taking risks, you’re not living. Feel the fear and do it anyway. There are no failures. Every adversity carries with it a seed of equal or greater benefit.”

    I LOVE this. Especially the last sentence.

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