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JERF: Just Eat Real Food!

by Sean Croxton

Oh, this felt so good!

I haven’t done a YouTube rant in a long time.

Today, I did my video rendition of last month’s This is Silly blog. Did it all in one take!

I’m sure a handful of health bloggers will be a bit offended. But, everything is a matter of perception anyway.

I just want the common person out there who is curious about health to be able to find real answers about nutrition without having to deal with all the B.S. and grandstanding that has become so prevalent in our field.

And NO, there is nothing wrong with changing our minds about things. But I can only imagine how frustrating it is for people to hear one thing today and something completely different from the same person tomorrow.

Let’s keep it simple.

Let’s Just Eat Real Food!

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27 thoughts on “JERF: Just Eat Real Food!

  1. Penny Price McIntosh

    My thoughts exactly. We must have been the same person in a previous life.

  2. Joshua S-H

    Thanks Sean, This makes it easier to refer people to your brilliant blogs,

    Will there still be some podcasts for us nerds 😛

  3. Leah

    I couldn’t agree with you more bro, thanks for sharing your view and helping so many people, take care and stay healthy

  4. Christian Rosenvold

    Great video Sean! If things get too complicated people fail to take action. So in stead of talking about all these advanced nutritional things people should just stop and start by eating real food. Like you say; people need to learn their ABC.
    Take care bro you’re doing a great thing here!

  5. Shamra

    Thank you so much for posting this Sean. There are a lot of people out there who look up to you and listen to you, and I think it is great what you are teaching us all. Health doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, the more complicated it is, the more stressful it is, and the less likely you are to even continue with the journey! If we (myself included!!) could all just zen out a little more and be at peace with our bodies and ourselves, they would tell us what they want to be healthy. And most often they will be screaming at us to just eat real food! Thanks again Sean. You are fabulous.

  6. Kim

    Just did a blogpost about this last week, inspired by your This is Silly blogpost. Gonna add the link to this video, as well.

  7. Krystal

    It’s so funny that you put up this video, because I am in the process of writing an article about this EXACT thing for the online fitness magazine that I write for.

    One of your best videos! Love it!

  8. Geny

    I’ve always loved your honesty! I have the utmost respects for your opinions and really for you, too. I love this video, Sean 🙂 Thanks so much!

  9. keith wall

    yo! whats up, sean
    ya hit the nail on the head there bro …that needed to be said and thx for your honesty ..glad i found your site uv helped me and so many others in many ways …
    iv given up listing to the others coz u can be trusted ..take care 🙂

  10. Jenny K

    Sean! Thank you thanks you!!! Seriously. So timely and so important! Do you know how much I stress about what I eat??? Much of my time is spent trying to figure “it” out and I can tell you that my diet is pretty perfect: I eat real food, so why the heck am I still stressing about it?!?!?!?

    Thank you. I needed to hear this. You gave me permission to stop stressing so much 🙂

    Your new biggest fan,


  11. Linda

    People should look at their bodies like the mammilian creatures that we are!
    Food contains energetic DNA that we need to be our best selves….the rule of thumb…eat food as close to nature as possible….addictions all stem from our food supply….processed means unbalanced…it unbalances our minds….our bodies…our spirits….dopamine is abundent in anything that reduces to white powder….get the facts on how the junk food industry is our biggest drug dealer in the USA! People think it as food because you can eat it….it’s a lethal drug worse than heroine!!! It wreckes your brain and your body…it’s an addiction just the same….the energy from real food trasnforms your entire life and the way you think! Everything else follows suit! Money…relationships…wellbeing….we are being controlled by the mainstream!
    Be Yourself!

  12. Dawn

    I agree with this wholeheartedly. It’s incredible the amount of negativity some people are putting out there because of their passionate diet beliefs, and it makes me wonder how all that focus on negativity and combat is affecting their well-being.
    Eat real food, enjoy food, enjoy life, and share real food and joy! Don’t be so hard on yourself, or on others! We’re all just trying to find out what is best for ourselves, what makes us feel good. And I truly believe that will mean different foods for different folks, but most certainly will have one thing in common: REAL food.

  13. Sushiroll65

    Hey Sean

    Thanks for all the info you bring to the court. UW has exposed me to many debates and topics that I feel I am a much better for. Above all JERF!

    Go UW!

  14. shawna

    OH MAN! Sean, this is just what I needed to hear. I love your stuff, I LOVE that you keep it real! Keep it comin’!

  15. Marilen Blanco

    i “liked” the JERF: Just Eat Real Food, now i can’t even see the page at all! it has been a while, and i kept seaching for it when i had the time or remembered, but for some reason can’t even search it, is it possible i have been blocked? i dunno what i could have done to warrant that…been at the hospital with my husband who suffered a stroke and been busy with his recovery for a month and a half….can someone enlighten me?

  16. Lynn

    Love it!! so true.. and I am one of those confused people that cry at night because the diet and fitness world is so so huge and everyone says something different. All I want to do is finally get healthy. My fitness coach told me I would know the truth, and this is definately making sense to me.

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