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Is Water Birthing Safe?

by Sean Croxton & Troy Casey

Yo! Meant to post a new blog about Will Allen’s book The Real Food Revolution today. But I’ve been recording my presentation for Todd Durkin’s upcoming Impact Summit. Taking much longer than I thought.

I’ll get that post up tomorrow. In the meantime, check out this video clip from last night’s UW Radio broadcast with Troy Casey, a.k.a. The Certified Health Nut.

Listen to the entire interview HERE!

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Check back tomorrow for a new bloggy blog.


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2 thoughts on “Is Water Birthing Safe?

  1. Ashley

    I’ve had 4 (out of 5) all natural water births and wouldn’t do it any other way! (My first was the only non-water birth – I didn’t know any better then.)

  2. Holly

    I labored in water with one of my daughters, but when it was time to give birth, my body told me to get out of the water. (She crowned about 30 seconds later.) Laboring in the water, even if you don’t give birth there, is still AMAZING! Thanks for the natural birth support 🙂

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