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How to Make Healthy Chocolate Coconut Cookies!

by Sean Croxton

On this day thirty-five years ago my Mom gave birth to a little nerdy kid who rarely spoke and liked to read a lot.

I still like to read, but these days I can’t seem to stop running my big mouth!

So today we celebrate my 35th birthday with a super awesome (and healthy) chocolate coconut cookie recipe, courtesy of Diane Sanfilippo’s bestselling book Practical Paleo.

Here’s what you need…

* Organic cocoa
* Maple syrup (grade B)
* Coconut flakes
* Vanilla extract
* Butter
* 2 Eggs
* Baking soda
* Baking sheet
* Parchment paper

I’ll be honest, I ate 8 of them yesterday. Whoops! My bad.

Check out the video below and follow along as Allyson the Assistant whips up a batch. Enjoy!!


Author, The Dark Side of Fat Loss
Dark Side of Fat Loss



4 thoughts on “How to Make Healthy Chocolate Coconut Cookies!

  1. Joy

    Happy birthday!

    But why the parchment paper? I haven’t researched it thoroughly, but there appear to be problems with how it is made as well as with what it may be coated with (silicon, Quilon). “All vegetable” parchment papers likely contain GMOs. Sorry I don’t have better facts at my fingers, just wanted to alert you to a potential problem.

    How about grease the pan with coconut oil? Consider the clean-up a bicep exercise!

  2. heidy

    Thanks for the recipe and video!

    Just a FYI- Kerrygold butter isn’t 100% grassfred even though they label their butter as from grassfed cows. Someone in my local buyers club/wapf group contacted the company and the butter is only 90% grassfed, 10% grain & supplements (and who knows if the grains are GMO free?). I was super bummed to find this out because it is the only affordable grassfed butter!

  3. Thora

    I buy Pure Indian Foods 100% organic grass fed ghee that I can only find on You can google it or check with your local natural food store. It is really tasty and pure. I hope that is helful.

  4. Vered Leb

    just made these.
    important to know that they are super not sweet. even not a little, so if not a problem, i’d add a bit more maple.
    it took me 10 min only- i checked cause my oven sometimes burns things too quickly.
    how long did it take you guys? in the vidoe she said 25-30 min. it’s way too much for cookies from my experience.


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