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How to Become a Person of Influence

by Sean Croxton & Elliott Hulse

Who knew?

I honestly had no idea how much a webcam — a Christmas present from my roommate way back in 2006 — would change my life.

In hindsight, my roomie hadn’t just gifted me a webcam. Instead, he gave me the gift of influence — the ability to change lives, including my own.

We live in an incredible time, a time when anyone with something to say can instantly transmit their message to masses with the click of a mouse . We can upload a video, record a podcast, write a blog, blast an email, post an update, tweet a tweet…

It’s endless.

A decade ago, reaching tens of thousands — if not millions — of people would have cost a pretty penny. These days, it’s FREE.

In fact, many social media platforms will pay YOU for your content. YouTube and Blogtalk Radio have been paying my utility bills for years, and Amazon puts gas in my Jeep.

Influence certainly pays, but it also fulfills. I cannot even begin to express how it feels to read emails from thankful followers, to have them stop me on the sidewalk to share stories about how my videos changed their lives forever, to hear those familiar words — “I feel like I know you!”

It’s pretty darn rad.

Being a person of influence has also connected me with other influencers, one of whom is my main man Elliott Hulse.

I met Elliott almost two years ago at the Fitness Business Summit, where he gave a presentation on building a following through online video. I knew right away that we would be friends.

With 67 thousand YouTube subscribers and almost 12 million video views, Elliott is certainly one of the premier influencers on the internet today. The best part is that he wants YOU to be just as influential.

On this week’s episode of UW Radio, Mr. Hulse and I discussed his Four Keys to Magnetic Influence, which include…

Key #1: They MUST be fascinated with you.
Key #2: They must feel a deep VALUES CONNECTION with you.
Key #3: They must feel that your possess an uncanny SUPER POWER.
Key #4: You must relate and speak to them through your SECRET LANGUAGE.

I thoroughly enjoyed this show, as Elliott and I got to give our takes on…

* How we deal with haters.
* Why there is nothing wrong with earning an income through influence.
* Some of our favorite books.

Click the player below to LISTEN to the entire show.

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Or watch the teaser video below to find out how your own personal story is so instrumental in influencing and connecting with others.

Happy Friday!


Sean Croxton
Author, The Dark Side of Fat Loss
Dark Side of Fat Loss



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