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How Antidepressants Deplete Serotonin!

by Sean Croxton & Dr. Daniel Kalish

Truth bombs are droppin’ today!

Check out this clip from last week’s UW Radio show with Dr. Daniel Kalish. In this segment, the doc explains how the use of antidepressant medications can deplete serotonin levels in the brain over time.

He also talks about why the medication Abilify is needed when serotonin levels drop too low from use of SSRIs.

Please note that Dr. Kalish is not against the use of antidepressant medications when used properly.

To learn more about how you can boost neurotransmitter levels naturally with amino acids, click HERE to listen to the entire show.


Sean Croxton
Author, The Dark Side of Fat Loss



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  1. Serotonin

    fluoxetine/prozac is 30% fluoride. As in the neuro-toxin they put in our water. As in the thing that resides in your pineal gland and is linked to all forms of disease.

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