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The Podcast about Paleo Desserts, Crock Pots, & Owning Your Past. (#228)

sad-breadby Allyson the Assistant

I personally believe everything happens for a reason.

When we deal with hardships or struggle, it’s to make us learn from the experience and grow stronger.

George Bryant is the perfect example of this. Saying he’s been through a lot would be an understatement. He was an overweight kid, battled an eating disorder, and his legs literally exploded while he was stationed in Somalia as a Marine.

While some might give up on life after all of that, George emerged more determined than ever. His troubled past led him to become one of the culinary leaders in the Paleo blogosphere. George is the founder of Civilized Caveman Cooking Creations, a website filled with easy, but more importantly, delicious Paleo recipes.

Going Paleo doesn’t mean you have to let go of the foods you love, and George proves it. His Instagram account is filled with pictures of his culinary creations that make you do a double take. There’s no way that lemon cake is Paleo. But it is!

George’s recipes are also for those who feel they “can’t cook”. He has a ton of recipes that only require a few ingredients and a crockpot. For example, his CrockPot Pulled Pork is just pork shoulder, spices, BBQ sauce, and of course you need a crockpot.

He’s a big advocate of “mistakes were made to be make in the kitchen” so, don’t be afraid to jump in and start cooking! George’s most popular recipe, Paleo Banana Bread, was intended to be a pancake recipe but they weren’t turning out right on the griddle so he threw the batter in a baking pan. The result? Amazing banana bread that has now led to a handful of spinoff recipes. Genius!

I’m not going to lie. I know how to cook but I don’t cook that much. After listening to George’s show, I feel empowered to get in the kitchen and try out some of his recipes…and dust off my crockpot.

If you haven’t listened to the show yet, I highly recommend listening to at least the first 14 minutes to hear George’s story. It’s truly inspiring.

Click on the player at the bottom of the post to check it out.

Here are my notes from the show:

3:52 George’s fat loss journey
5:07 Why George’s legs exploded
8:15 Did George’s deployment to Afghanistan lead him to the Paleo diet?
9:25 How George ate Paleo while stationed in Afghanistan
10:50 George’s childhood eating disorder
12:00 Why George shares the hardships he’s overcome
13:50 George’s techniques for creating positive body image
15:05 What does George tell people who say they can’t eat Paleo because they cant cook?
16:31 Why George says mistakes are meant to be made in the kitchen
16:50 “crockpots make you a culinary genius”
18:35 If George can cook, you can too
19:14 Why the “Paleo Police” are after George
20:08 George’s easy Paleo banana bread recipe
23:30 Caller question from the Paleo Parents kids “What would you make us if we came to your house?”
24:45 The Paleo Parents’ new book, Beyond Bacon
26:00 Listener Question from Christina- “Where does George get inspiration for new recipes? How does he keep them easy and cheap but not stale?”
28:20 Caller Question “What kinds of workouts does George do?”
29:55 Caller Question “Are there foods within the Paleo diet that hinder your performance?”
32:12 What is the Caveman Creations starter kit?
34:36 The one ingredient that everyone should have in their kitchen
35:30 George’s opinion on grass fed, pasture raised meat
36:45 The benefits to buying in bulk
37:23 The most common mistakes made in the kitchen
38:37 George’s “mise en place” approach
40:00 The importance of recognizing adrenal fatigue
43:06 Why we all need to get out and play
43:50 George’s top 3 recipes from his cookbook Caveman Feast
45:30 What’s coming up next for George

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Enjoy the show and be inspired!

Allyson Drosten-Brooks
The Assistant
Dark Side of Fat Loss



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  1. Senna

    Thank you for this great piece of writing and sharing your thoughts about an inspiring personality like George. I love him too. What a great and positive being he is.

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