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Foodie Friday: Juice Up Your Life!

by Sean Croxton & Drew Canole

Are you juiced for the weekend?

As a lot of you guys may know already, I’m not the biggest fan of vegetables.

Not that I don’t eat them (I do!) but they’re just not the tastiest things ever. I kinda have to force them down at every meal.

After shooting the video below with my main man Drew Canole, I have decided that I WILL head down to my local Target store and get myself a juicer.

Why? Because juicing veggies is much easier and yummier than eating them off the plate.

Check out today’s Foodie Friday video and try out Drew’s slightly-spicy juice recipe. You’ll dig it.

And since there are beets in the mix you can test your transit time, or how long it takes for food to pass through your digestive system. See how long it takes you to drop a crimson red poop!

Healthy transit time is between 8 to 14 hours. Start your timers!

You can learn more about the Juice Up Your Life system by watching THIS FREE PRESENTATION.

Enjoy, my friends.

Happy Friday!

Sean Croxton
Author, The Dark Side of Fat Loss



2 thoughts on “Foodie Friday: Juice Up Your Life!

  1. Peter

    I do juicing, but I really would stay away from excess ginger and red beet. The acid in Red beet is known for causing gallstones, and the ginger sure is tough on the gallbladder.

    I usually take carrots mix them with green cellery and red letuce. I also like to take a teespoon of cod liver oil with the juice ( the best way to drink it, in my opinion).

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