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Why I LOVE My Mom.

photoby Sean Croxton

I love my Mom.

If I listed all the reasons why I so immensely adore her, this postl would get pretty darn long.

But the short story I’d like to share with you today is a testament to why she’s my favorite person in the whole wide world.

Here goes…

Last year, Mom was especially excited about her Christmas gift for me. In fact, she bought it early in the year and had to restrain herself from giving it to me before the holiday.

When the time came to gather around the tree and open up our presents, she watched intently as I unwrapped this “extra special” gift.

I opened the tin case and found a beautiful, gold watch.

But this wasn’t your ordinary watch.

This watch had no hands. No numbers. No hours. No seconds. Nothing. Just a gold face.

At first I didn’t get it. How am supposed to tell time with this, Mom?

Then she asked me to read the back of the case. Here’s what it said…

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Why Voting with Your Food Dollars Doesn’t Work.

Food Dollars Banner

by Sean Croxton

Vote with your food dollars.

With activism at its core and clear purpose in its actions, this frequently heard foodie maxim has become the battle cry for those of us demanding change in our food system.

On its face, food dollar voting is intended to support those who do it the right way — the farmers who rotate their crops, protect the integrity of their soils, feed their animals their proper diets, and provide their customers, you and me, with real organic produce and pastured meats and eggs.

It just feels so warm and fuzzy. Sustainable, too.

But on the flip side of all of that warmth and fuzziness are the ones who come out on the short end of our votes — the farmers who do it the wrong way.

To hell with them, you might say. They raise monocrops. They erode their soils with harsh chemicals and tillage. They confine their animals, feeding them grains and antibiotics. And then they have the nerve to sell their sick foods to paying customers in the name of health.

The prevailing consumer solution for the horrendous stewardship of conventional farmers has been to take money out of their pockets by casting fiscal votes for the good guys, the ones who do it right. Then at some point, the ones who do it wrong will get the message and change their ways.

If it were only that simple.

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The Podcast about Naked Doctors, Drug Money, and War Crimes. (# 217)

9781479272440_p0_v1_s260x420by Sean Croxton

This was classic.

When I read Dr. Peter Glidden’s book The MD Emperor Has No Clothes a few months ago I knew it would make for an eye-opening show.

Dr. Glidden, a naturopathic doctor, doesn’t hold anything back. And he’s apparently not afraid to ruffle a few feathers.

While some may find his words controversial and unsettling, no one can question his passion for ensuring that everyone get the medical care they need — a type of care that addresses the root cause of symptoms and disease.

Click the player at the bottom of this post to listen to the entire episode.

Be sure to buckle up.

Here are my notes….

4:17 – How Dr. Glidden and I are twin sons from different mothers. 🙂
4:51 – Where Dr. Glidden’s intense passion for wholistic health comes from
8:03 – How the Carnegie Institute and its Flexner Report changed medicine forever
11:34 – “We do not have a free medical market in North America.”
11:51 – The real purpose of the American Medical Association
13:47 – The reductionist philosophy of medicine
16:57 – Health defined…from a wholistic perspective
19:09 – How symptoms are an indication of the body’s wisdom
22:29 – Hering’s Law of Cure…how healing is done in layers (super fascinating!)
26:30 – How homeopathic medicine works
29:53 – Caller Q: How to deal with skeptical, closed-minded medical docs
37:39 – The shocking statistic about drug and alcohol addiction among ER docs
38:48 – Is Alzheimer’s a physician-created disease?
41:09 – The relationship between cholesterol and heart disease
41:59 – How MDs use genes to explain away their treatment failures
44:33 – “Which gene is it, doctor?”
45:34 – Caller Q about homeopathy and the placebo effect
49:18 – Caller comment from former pharma rep
50:57 – Pharma ties to Nazi Germany
52:13 – Caller Q: This is BS!
53:00 – Proof that the majority of chronic diseases are caused by nutrient deficiencies
54:55 – What it takes to become a naturopathic doctor
56:46 – What you can do to turn this around
58:32 – Wrapping up

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Don’t miss tomorrow’s episode of The Underground Wellness Show with Dr. Peter Osborne. We’ll be discussing The Gluten-Free Lie.


Author, The Dark Side of Fat Loss
Dark Side of Fat Loss

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How to Save $$$ on Dental Bills.

OWHMSby Sean Croxton

The timing on this one could not be better.

Just yesterday, I was forced to spend some time at the auto body shop. While picking up a friend from the airport recently another driver backed into my Jeep, leaving a pretty ugly dent in the bumper.

Even though the repairs won’t be coming out of my pocket, I still got that uneasy feeling when I stepped inside the shop.

It’s funny, I can tell you almost anything about how the human body works. However, when it comes to automobiles, the extent of my knowledge is that when I turn the key my Jeep magically starts.

In other words, I’m clueless.

So you can probably imagine how edgy and suspicious I get when a mechanic gives me a quote. No one likes to be taken advantage of.

Most people get a similar feeling at the dentist’s office. I mean, not many of us are sufficiently well-versed in matters of oral health to challenge our dentist’s findings…as well as the exorbitant bill that comes with them.

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Are Girl Scout Cookies Socially Irresponsible?

Somebody’s gotta say it.

Every year, I wonder why no one ever blogs about this. Maybe it’s because the Girl Scouts are as American as apple pie. Or maybe it’s because supporting our local scout troop has become an annual pastime. It warms our hearts.

Even I make my yearly donation or two in front of Trader Joe’s or at my local Farmer’s Market. But there’s something unique about my yearly contribution that typically leaves a bewildered look on the Scout Mom’s face.

I tell her to keep the cookies.

As yummy as those coconutty (is that a word?) Samoas are, at some point I actually took the time to read the ingredients.