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Podcast #321:
Can Real Foods Make You Sick?

Tom Malterre

Guest: Tom Malterre

It just won’t go away.

No matter what you try or which doctor you see, you can’t seem to get rid of it.

The headaches. The embarrassing skin breakouts. The foggy brain. The extra weight. The back pain. Or the mucus perpetually lurking in the back of your throat.

In my case, it was the latter. As you may know by now, for years I thought I would be forever plagued by a bad case of the annoying clear-my-throat-every-two-minutes disease.

Eventually I figured it out, removed eggs from my diet, and … poof! Gone.

Glad that’s over.

The only remaining health nuisance was an intermittent pain in my side that was often accompanied by terrible indigestion and a loss of all bass in my voice. Weird, I know.

Then last year I put two and two together and got DAIRY.

So I pulled the milk (including raw milk) and cheese out of my diet. Haven’t had a pain since, and I’m sounding like James Earl Jones all day long. 🙂

Then just yesterday, I felt a hive erupting beneath my right eye. Immediately I checked the ingredients for pineapple.

Found it. Pineapple juice.

Whoops! Even I can slip up on my label reading.

So those are my Big 3: eggs, dairy, and pineapple. Each considered a real food, but in no way bulletproof from potential problems.

It took a while to figure them out, but I’m sure glad I did. Life is so much better without them.

Anyway, enough about me…

It can be hard to believe that while real food can be healing, it may also be the source of the unflagging inflammation behind minor annoyances (like mine) or major problems like autoimmunity, depression, neurological disorders, and more.

Some of the most common reactive foods include eggs, milk, wheat, corn, citrus, tea, coffee, chocolate, beef, pork, tree nuts, and peanuts.

How do you find out which foods are making you sick?

Well, you can spend hundreds (perhaps thousands) of dollars on various lab tests, each with its own set of limitations.

Or you can try what today’s podcast guest Tom Malterre — author of The Elimination Diet: Discover the Foods that are Making You Sick and Tired — recommends and “trust your body”.

But WAIT! Before you think this is just another episode about removing foods from your diet and then slowly adding them back, you’re in for a real treat. Tom and I covered a bunch of super juicy topics like:

* How chemical exposures can cause you to develop food reactivities almost overnight!

* A crucial digestive hormone no one is talking about but can be at the root of gallbladder disease, toxicity, and food reactivities. SUPER IMPORTANT.

* Why hand sanitizers are a no-no, and a natural alternative that does just as good a job.

* A plant-derived compound that dampens inflammation and reduces pain just as effectively as Tylenol.

* Exactly WHY eggs and dairy trigger mucus in some people.

SPECIAL BONUS: When you pre-order The Elimination Diet, you can grab your FREE Elimination Diet Cookbook and Quick Start Guide.

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And last but not least…

Our buddy Chef Lance Roll — The King of The Bone Broth — also stopped by the podcast to give us an excitingly organic (USDA organic, that is) update and a special discount code you can use through the entire month of March.

But you have to listen to today’s episode to get the code. 😉

Enjoy today’s interview!




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