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These Ain’t the Same Grains! – video version

by Sean Croxton

Here I go hating on grains again!

Last month, I posted the written version of this one. You can read it HERE.

Today, as I flipped through Dr. William Davis’ ridiculously awesome (and funny) book Wheat Belly for the 80 billionth time, I got the itch to post this video version.

Be sure to send this to all of your friends who swear by the virtues of whole wheat, and those who assume that the grains we eat today are the same ones consumed during Biblical times.

Oh, how things have changed.

By the way, thanks for the birthday love yesterday. You guys rock!


Sean Croxton
Author, The Dark Side of Fat Loss



4 thoughts on “These Ain’t the Same Grains! – video version

  1. Joe

    “By the late 1940s, Dr. Sidney Valentine Haas was well-known for his treatment of celiac patients with the Specific Carbohydrate Diet, a dietary plan that eliminates the indigestible (to a celiac patient) processed carbohydrates in grains, sugars, and milk. Without constant aggravations from these artificially manufactured carbohydrates, the intestine will heal itself within as little as a year, relieving all sign and symptoms of celiac and other intestinal disorders.”

    “According to the research of Dr. Haas, and his son, Dr. Merrill P. Haas, the cause of celiac disease is NOT gluten, but chemically bastardized sugars.”

    “Gluten intolerance is hardly enough to explain celiac disease, since not all symptoms disappear when gluten is eliminated from the diet”

    TL Cleave –

    “Thirdly, and most important of all, it will be the endeavour of this work to show that all the manifestations of the saccharine disease discussed are strikingly absent in those races still subsisting almost exclusively on just these unrefined carbohydrates.”

    “By over-consumption, stemming from the concentration produced in the carbohydrates by the removal of fibre just mentioned, which over-consumption causes many serious conditions.”

    I think there is more to the story then Dr. Davis is telling, considering that many people lose weight will eating gluten but that is whole nother story. TL Cleave’s discovery of Saccahrine disease it what we refer to now a days at metabolic syndrome.

    Gluten is a protein just like casein and other proteins found in other foods. Celiac disease is from a breakdown from the immune system and the secretory Iga is no longer as strong. Seceretory Iga does not get broken down by contestant exposure to gluten in a healthy individual rather it is the effects of metabolic syndrome preventing glucose from getting to the cells thus there is a breakdown in the immune system and proteins are able slip through. Gluten may trigger a response simply because it is harder to digest not because it is a villainous substance.

    It may also be worth noting that cows, chickens, and pork we are eating is not like the ones are grandmother was eating 96 years ago as well does that make them bad as well?( god bless her soul) Also the fact that all plants are hybrids much like humans. You may look like your parents but you are not a carbon copy.

    Just my two cents as the rise in celiace disease and type 2 diabetes are one in the same. Most people I see don’t have one or the other, digestive disturbance and blood sugar regulation go hand and hand.

    “It may be added here that the importance of over-consumption (especially of sugar), as distinct from direct loss of fibre, in the production of many manifestations of the saccharine disease”


  2. Einkorn Wheat

    Sean – this is a great video history of grains. First of its kind on the internet. Great job! Most experts would say that einkorn is not an ancestor of emmer but the two do share a relative somewhere back in their ancestry. Most experts do agree that einkorn is the first form of cultivated wheat.

    @Joe – That’s a very interesting perspective on celiac disease. When you really look at health trends, especially celiac disease, it’s obvious that main stream medicine is missing a big clue.

  3. Kate

    Since emmer is pre-hybridization, is it “safe” to eat?

    I live in Italy where it’s easy to get in every supermarket (and tasty!)

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