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The Podcast about When Aunt Flo Stops Coming, The Pill, and Sweaty T-Shirts! (# 219)

justkiddingby Sean Croxton

I get it now.

I’ll be honest, for much of my adult life I’ve thought that women were just plain crazy.

They’re up…then they’re down.

They’re hot…then they’re cold.

They’re focused…then they’re all over the friggin’ place!

No, I’m not saying that all women have bipolar tendencies. Not even.

What I am saying is that, for a man, understanding how the hormonal fluctuations of a woman’s cycle can influence her moods and cravings, as well as her physical, sexual, and emotional needs, can really cause a shift in a guy’s perspective.

I can see clearly now.

For example, did you know that there are two specific times of the month when a man is most likely to have the green light for more sex with his woman?

No foreplay needed. Just go for it! (Definitely not universally applicable, though.)

Or, did you know that there is a particular time of the month when most women feel more introspective and just need some alone time?

No, she’s not mad at you! She just wants to be alone with her thoughts.

These are just a couple of the secrets I learned from Alisa Vitti’s SexyBack presentation called How to Cross Train Your Cycle for a Better Sex Life.

Alisa’s presentation goes live this Sunday at 9am PT/noon ET.

Be sure to save your spot to get access to this FREE event —>

Last week, Alisa stopped by the radio show to discuss her new book Woman Code: Perfect Your Cycle, Amplify Your Fertility, Supercharge Your Sex Drive, and Become a Power Source.

Her book totally rocks. Personally, I think men can get just as much out of it as the women who read it.

I sure did.

Click the player at the bottom of this post to hear the entire show!

Here are my notes…

6:40 – How Alisa become such a superstar in women’s health.
7:20 – The very common “incurable condition” that lit a fire under her.
10:45 – The overlooked symptoms of hormonal imbalance
12:04 – When things go wrong…endocrine-ly speaking
13:17 – Alisa’s 5 steps WomanCode protocol
13:45 – How cultural conditioning blocks a woman’s flow
14:48 – The miseducation of the menstrual cycle
15:34 – “Your body is constantly changing and evolving.”
16:40 – Ladies! PMS is NOT normal!
18:47 – For the men…accessing your woman’s WomanCode. 🙂
20:30 – The importance of managing blood sugar
22:05 – Improve hormone function by what you put in your mouth.
23:17 – Supporting the adrenals.
27:03 – What the liver and large intestine have to do with hormones.
29:12 – Simple things you can do to support the elimination organs.
30:50 – Why do women who live together get on the same cycle?
33:44 – How to cross train the menstrual cycle to be more productive at work?
36:59 – Problems with the Pill.
40:09 – What to consider when putting your teenage daughter on the pill.
41:58 – The t-shirt study (This is CRAZY!)
45:27 – Women taking on masculine energy at the expense of their feminine energy.
50:50 – FB Q – Is there a link between weight and menstrual cycle?
51:54 – Caller Q – Is it normal to not get your period if you’re on the pill?
52:29 – “It’s not you, it’s the pill!”
54:17 – FB Q – How do you deal with teenage daughters who want to go on the pill?
56:40 – Dr. Pedram stops by to talk about his film Vitality.
1:00:10 – Caller Q – If bleeding is persistent while on the pill, should you change your contraception?
1:01:48 – Alisa’s website and services —
1:02:40 – “I want you to experience a new normal.”
1:03:10 – Wrapping up.

Click below for the whole show.

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You can also check out the video clip below about how The Pill can make a woman choose the wrong man! Whoops…

By the way, if you missed the previous 218 episodes of UW Radio, you can find them on our Podcasts page or on iTunes. 🙂


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