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The Podcast about How the Paleo Diet Reversed Multiple Sclerosis and Stuff…

by Sean Croxton

I used to love Richard Pryor.

Still do, in fact.

I imagine it was my father who turned me on to him. At the time, I didn’t really understand his stand-up comedy routine — jokes about sex, women, and cocaine kinda go over a 6-year-old’s head, ya know.

I just remember my Mom covering my miniature-sized ears while he cursed up a storm on stage.

But that just made him cooler, Mom.

Off-stage and on the silver screen there was a lighter side to the potty-mouthed comic. The Toy — co-starring the great Jackie Gleason — is still one of my favorite movies. And who can forget his roles in Brewster’s Millions with John Candy, Superman III with Christopher Reeve, and the hilarious Hear No Evil, See No Evil with sidekick Gene Wilder.

I may have been 9-years-old when I first heard the bad news of Pryor’s diagnosis with multiple sclerosis (MS), a condition he battled for 17 years.

Like his comedy act, I was then too young to fully understand the outlook and implications of an MS diagnosis. It was not until I watched the movie Harlem Nights that it finally clicked.

Right away I knew that something wasn’t right with Richard. His speech was slightly slurred. His coordination seemed a bit off. His facial expressions weren’t the same ones I was used to.

He was deteriorating.

Over the next decade I would watch his condition progress further as he struggled through television interviews. Eventually, his wife did most of the talking for him.

The man who once strutted back and forth on stage had been confined to a wheelchair.

The man who made a living with his BIG mouth was rendered nearly speechless.

In 2005, he was gone.

The laughter had ended. MS is no joke.

The despair of the Richard Pryor story serves to magnify the incredibility of another.

Late last year, I learned of Dr. Terry Wahls and her miraculous recovery from MS. During her now-gone-viral TEDx talk, I was very happy to find out that the doctor’s recovery was not attributable to the latest technology or pharmacological research, but to Real Food.

Unwilling to live out the rest of her years from the confines of a tilt-reclined wheelchair, Dr. Wahls took it upon herself to scour the research on neurodegenerative diseases. What she found were 45 critical brain-building nutrients, most of which are deficient in the Standard American Diet.

As Dr. Wahls explained during our broadcast, the human body is a chemistry set requiring specific nutrients in order for reactions to occur and for structures to be built. Without these critical nutrients, the structures of the brain (as well as the many other systems of the body) are either made incorrectly or not made at all. Like I say, you can’t build a brick house without the bricks.

When at least two out of three people reading this blog are deficient in minerals, and one in two are deficient in the B vitamins as well as vitamins A and C, I think it’s fair to say that we are nation short on bricks, and knee-deep in chronic degenerative diseases as a result.

When the chemistry stops, we die. In the meantime, we deteriorate. That is, unless we add the right bricks back to our diets.

What’s exciting about Dr. Wahls’ story is the fact that the bricks she used to reverse her MS came by way of the Paleo Diet, as she removed grains, legumes, and dairy while maximizing the consumption of the 45 brain-building nutrients.

Never underestimate the power of Real Food.

In OUR PODCAST, Dr. Wahls covers a range of topics including…

* The different stages of MS

* Why greens, sulfur-containing foods, and colored veggies are critical for building a healthy brain and body

* The connection between starches, gut health, and autoimmune diseases like MS

* The importance of removing toxins from the body

* Why a supplement program is important but not a replacement for Real Food

* The doctor’s take on grains, gluten-free flours, and eggs

* Why the standard medical approach to MS will not change without published clinical trials

* What you can DO to support nutrition-oriented MS research by visiting The Wahls Foundation website

And best of all, you’ll learn why we should all take Benjamin Franklin’s advice and “Fart Proudly”.

MS never got the chance to take away Dr. Wahls’ ability to make us all laugh.

Somewhere, Richard Pryor is cheering for her.

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