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The Podcast about Gum Disease, Oral Product Ingredients, and Snakes in Your Mouth!

by Sean Croxton

Gum disease is some serious sh*t.

If you’re reading this right now and you’re over 30 years of age, there is a 90% chance that you have bugs hanging out in your mouth that cause gum disease.

I’ll never kiss another girl in my life…

In his office, my holistic dentist has a microscope hooked up to a TV screen on which he shows his patients the oral bugs they’re carrying around. Fortunately, mine was pretty clean. But when he showed me a video of what a typical patient’s oral environment looks like, it was like a scene from that movie Snakes on a Plane! The screen was overrun with little snakelike creatures called spirochetes.

Straight. Up. Craziness.

Why do I feel the need to gross you out like this? Well, because I just got done listening to the replay of last night’s UW Radio show with my main man Will Revak of OraWellness.

The show was an Instant Classic.

As Will says, gum disease is the elephant in the living room when it comes to health – no one likes to talk about it. But that definitely needs to change. If not, one-third of us will end up with no natural teeth in our mouths by the age of 65 (that’s the current statistic).

But it’s even more serious than the mere vanity of having a full set of real choppers. Being a student of the work of Weston A. Price, I learned long ago how infections in the mouth can lead to other common diseases such as heart disease, cancer, arthritis, and more.

Yep, the bugs in your mouth can give you a heart attack. It’s called focal infection theory. Will covers this theory in detail during the show. You can also click the video below for a sneak peek.

We covered a ton of information last night and took a bunch of calls from our faithful live listeners. Some of the other topics we covered included:

* Exactly how bacteria use your mouth as a gateway to slip into your bloodstream thus causing disease

* Why antibiotics are ineffective at killing off oral bacteria

* Why boosting the immune system through diet and lifestyle modification is paramount to successfully reducing the bacterial population in the mouth

* The effectiveness of the Bass brushing technique and why most toothbrushes are far from ideal

* Will’s beef with common oral care products

* The two ingredients you want to avoid…even in HEALTHY toothpastes

* Which foods are best for promoting oral health, and which you should avoid

* The effectiveness of oil pulling

* The OTHER way that sugar harms your teeth

* The action step you can take TODAY to improve the heath of your mouth

Click the PLAY button on the player below to listen to the episode in its entirety!

“Equally as important as not putting toxins into the body, we can choose to not let toxins out in the form of the words we choose to speak.” – Will Revak


Seriously Will Never Kiss Another Girl if She Isn’t Using OraWellness Products



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