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The Podcast About GMOs, Detox, Skin Health, and Stuff…

This one got off to a wee bit of a rough start.

I was wondering why the heck I was hearing myself echo. Ended up having another tab open with the live show playing on delay in my headphones. Whoops! My bad.

Good thing I figured that one out pretty quick…

Anyway, we got the show started with an incredibly informative 5-minute briefing from Sherri Fogarty on the current genetically modified (GM) food labeling initiative going on here in California, as well as a few other states. Sherri has been on a mission for the past several months, working her tail off to get GM labeling on the ballot. She also fills us in on how the evil Monsanto is threatening to sue the State of Vermont if the State pursues a labeling law. That’s crazy stuff!

Learn more about the GM ballot initiative HERE.

Next up, my main man Reed Davis, founder of Functional Diagnostic Nutrition, drops some truth bombs, including:

* How we can stamp out GM foods by voting with our food dollars

* How toxins are dose-dependent, with some being more dangerous than others

* The effects of toxicity, including hormone imbalances, thyroid dysfunction, and brain fog

* How indoor air quality can be even WORSE than outdoor air

* Why removing toxins from your immediate environment (water, food, cleaning and personal care products) is a critical component of detoxification

* Why most detox protocols are a waste of money, as they do not address the root cause

* How to flush out the lymph system

* Whether or not liver flushes are effective

* The connection between digestive dysfunction, a compromised liver, and skin problems

* A crazy but effective detox protocol Reed did a few years ago involving a treadmill and a LOT of time in the sauna

Listen to the entire show HERE!

By the way, Reed and I aren’t done!

Next Monday, April 9th, at 5pm PT/8pm ET we’ll be hosting a FREE live webinar regarding how we identify and correct digestive and detoxification dysfunctions using laboratory test kits and natural protocols, respectively.


Happy Friday, my friends.




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