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The Cure for Blur

by David S. Hestrin

Since childhood, I wore glasses.

My eyesight was getting worse and worse each year – starting at 20/20 and eventually as bad as 20/400. And then, in my mid twenties my eyesight started improving to the point where I got checked at the eye doctor and my prescription was nearly cut in half, from -4 to -2.25.

One early morning, on the way back from shopping at an organic wholesaler in San Francisco, I decided to stop by the Redwood City DMV to get the restriction for corrective lenses taken off my license. I was a bit nervous and excited. At first I looked into the machine they used to test me with and the first letter was blurry. I thought to myself a word that starts with ‘f’, and then took a breath relaxed and proceeded to read all the letter perfectly and passed the test. The photos of my licenses before and after are at my website. Since then I haven’t spent another dime or any more time at an optometrist or lens grinder.

Since 2006, I had been curious about the phenomenon known as natural vision healing or the Bates method. Through this method I learned about eye exercises, relaxation, and how corrective lenses — eyeglasses and contacts — are actually the problem.

I had heard of many stories of people improving their eyesight before, but didn’t think about it applying to me. Both my parents wore glasses and I never thought about the mechanisms behind blurry vision.

As it turns out, glasses, contacts, and laser surgery, are not treating the cause of blurry vision at all!

I read about these people that improved their eyesight. They said that it was excess strain that caused the blur. This is what convinced me to give it a chance. I could feel immense tension in my shoulders, neck, and my eyes did not feel relaxed at all.

When I began working on improving my eyesight, I could barely read the computer screen. I would have to squint, enlarge the font, or use pinhole eyeglasses to see. However, within a few relaxation sessions I could read the screen comfortably.

Since then, I began documenting my journey in eyesight improvement and sharing it on youtube, my blog, and articles at Natural News. Dozens of people began sharing their stories with me about their improvements. I took on clients to help them improve their eyesight through decreasing stress and improving relaxation. I worked with people in their early teens all the way to their early nineties, and wrote two E-books: I Can See Clearly Now; The Strain Is Gone and The Cure For Blur.

Recently, I had the pleasure of meeting Sean and he gave me a space to share my story with you…

So I wanted to give the readers something they can actually do to improve their relaxation and see how it connects to their eyesight.

Now lots of people want exercises for how to improve their eyesight, and that’s great and all, but the truth is…

It’s not about exercises. It’s not about having to “strengthen” your muscles. Your muscles aren’t weak at all.

My hypothesis is that the eyesight is blurry because contradicting muscular contractions are squeezing the eyeball out of shape. How is this possible? Well, first you must know that the eyeball is filled with what is called the “vitreous”.

What is the “vitreous”? It is 99% water.

So now when you think about over-straining muscles that are enveloping what is similar to a water-balloon, can you believe that this would squeeze it out of shape?

Consider the conditions that occur for people to have blurry vision. One day you were reading the board fine and the next day you were not! How many people have experienced blurred vision after a long night of straining, only to find that in the morning their vision is fine again. Studies have shown that the length of the eye changes.

So it’s not about exercising and building stronger muscles… but there are many ways to improve your eyesight.

Method 1.

1. Print out a Snellen Eye Chart, put it up, and pick a spot to test yourself without lenses.

2. Once you’ve picked your spot, drop into a strong posture such as Horse Stance from Kung Fu or Standing Tree from Qi Gong.

3. While in those postures breathe and notice your whole body allowing yourself to adjust to free yourself from excess tension. Use a self-assessed rating system to get you to a level 10 of relaxation.

4. Continue and notice as you release tension, feel better, and use your body more effectively.

Method 2.


I won’t tell you why this works right here, but it does, so enjoy it. Simply cover your eyes with your palms, gently, and imagine total blackness. See if you can not only see total darkness but feel a complete empty void. Do this in a manner that allows your whole body to relax.

1. Palming while straddling a chair is effective

2. Stacking pillows under your elbows is relaxing

3. My favorite: palming while lying down on the carpet.

Method 3

It is extraordinarily effective to simply walk around without glasses or contacts and allow your body and mind to relax and allow yourself to be guided by positivity. When you’re walking, concentrate on freeing yourself from any excess tension or nervousness.

Method 4

Blink less and stare less. Studies show that glasses users stare to a much higher degree than others and blink less. Glasses encourage staring because they only provide clarity for a limited range of view.

Method 5

Examine the feelings you have. Do you feel at ease? When you are just sitting, do you feel your breath? Do you feel that you are carrying some sadness or anger that you have not processed?

These 5 methods can be used again and again for great benefit.

With practice, you can see better than 20/20.

About the Author
David S. Hestrin has been working in relaxation, stress relief and reduction since 2008 and been a web journalist writing for Mike Adam’s Natural News since 2009. He studied psychology at UCSD and currently studies human physiology in a pre-med track. He developed his background in stress relief, body awareness, and breath control initially through work to improve his game of poker, which he played professionally from 2005-2008.

David has been working in natural vision improvement since 2008, helping clients get to new levels of clarity and relaxation. He is currently offering a free correspondence course through his website. He now resides in the San Diego area where he works with clients both locally and worldwide.



8 thoughts on “The Cure for Blur

  1. Krystal

    This was perfect timing for me, and very helpful. I’m at the end of my pregnancy, and over the past three months, my eyesight has deteriorated at a surprising rate. It’s at the point where I have to squint to see the letters that come up on my 55″ tv. I’m going to incorporate the techniques from this article to see if they can help me.

    I’ve also read, though, that eyesight deterioration is considered normal in pregnancy, so I’m really hoping that some of my issues clear up once I have the baby (which should be any day now!).

    Again, wonderful post. Thank you!

  2. David Hestrin

    Dear Krystal,
    I am happy to share a story about pregnancy and eyesight. A friend’s mother was giving birth to her daughter, and spontaneously in the process must’ve released tension when she released her daughter into the world because she improved her eyesight then and there. People often don’t realize how quickly and easily they can improve their eyesight. Have you looked into “orgasmic birthing”?

  3. Krystal

    I have the DVD called Orgasmic Birth, if that’s the concept you’re referring to. It’s an excellent film.

    It would be wonderful to have spontaneous improvement in my eyesight during delivery like your friend’s mother. I was very sick during this pregnancy, and so I think that there’s probably a chance that much of that “tension” that you talk about may very well be released during the birth, and I’ll experience some improvement right there on the spot.

    And of course, the techniques in your article and actually delivering the baby are much more appealing to me than something like LASIK or glasses/contacts.

    Thanks, again, David!

    Oh, by the way…. what techniques do you have for getting the baby to come out NOW!!! 😉

  4. Simmi

    Hi, thank you for sharing this article. I’m 16 years old, and I have been wearing glasses since I was 5/6. I’m really worried now because I’m now -10 in both eyes, so I will try these methods and see what happens 🙂 thank you!

  5. Gary

    I believe you have an error in Number 4. Shouldn’t it be blink more? Glass wearers blink less. People with excellent vision blink much more frequently.

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