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The 2-Minute (actually 5-Minute) Pilates Challenge!

Yo! What’s up, y’all!

Busy, busy day! I’m going to have to figure out a way to incorporate writing my e-book into my schedule. Been a little flustered the last two days trying to squeeze everything in.

I’ll figure it out!!

There may be a little less writing going on here for the next 3-4 weeks, but I’ll certainly be uploading videos for your viewing pleasure.

Today, Allyson the Assistant and I headed over to Fitness Quest 10 and shot some great Inspire Millions videos. We covered yoga, motivation, stretching, low back pain, and core. Today’s installment is a Pilates challenge that you can definitely do just about anywhere.

Yeah, it was supposed to be 2 minutes, but an extra 3 minutes will only make you stronger!

Check out the video below. Stephanie had my arms shaking and abs burning!

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Once this blog gets 100 LIKEs or Facebook shares, I’ll post another challenge!

I’m going to spend some more time reading The Organic Manifesto tonight and possibly blog about it tomorrow. I figure if I’m going to teach you about Real Food, I should start by learning about Real Soil!

See you next time!!




6 thoughts on “The 2-Minute (actually 5-Minute) Pilates Challenge!

  1. Deborah

    Hey FINALLY some Pilates. As an Instructor myself I would have corrected the sinking between the shoulders on the plank. Scapula should not be poking out, should be nice & level across the upper back from shoulder blade to shoulder blade. Also ya gotta watch those hips swaying side to side on the crawl out & in. But seeing as how it was your first time I’ll cut you some slack. lol! Nice job!

    Thanks for posting 🙂

  2. UW Sean Post author

    Ha!! Yeah, my form isn’t quite tip-top. I tried, though! 🙂

    We filmed 2 Pilates vids today. Will upload the another next week!

    Thanks, Deborah!

  3. Sean Glass

    Pretty cool, I’m going to have to try this.

    “When are we gonna lift some weights- seriously!” Funny. It’s true slow and stretching exercises are more challenging in a way.

  4. Christian Rosenvold

    To some extent I hate yoga and pilates cause it’s so different from what I’m used to. Can’t even apply the same grunt and get it done mentality. But it’s good though! Makes you feel so refreshed 😀 Good and entertaining video Sean! Btw. How’s the book coming along?

  5. Anne

    I do cardio workouts almost every single day and im still a teen. I dont know why but in my mind I just dont want to do yoga and pilates I guess simply because i dont think they’ll have as good results?

    However, i just started a blog yesterday ( and over the course of the next year I want to change myself from the inside. I find you’re postings and youtube vids so useful in this! Even though I am young I just want to be completely clean and healthy – physically and mentally.

    So thanks for this post, its one more thing to help me along the way 🙂


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