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Podcast #345: There is No Plan B.

Josh Trent

Guest: Josh Trent

All good things must come to an end, they say.

If you’ve been a long-time follower of Underground Wellness you may recall my old sidekick, Josh Trent.

Josh and I had some classic moments on the YouTube channel, where we uploaded some of the most outrageous and hilarious fitness videos ever.

Like the time we TRXed on the trolley.

Or when we took over the IDEA World Fitness Convention.

And who can forget the security guard doing pull-ups from the back of a moving truck?

Josh and I were a great fit on-camera and soon became good friends.

But at some point things started to change, and eventually he and I could no longer stand each other. Josh had to go.

What were we feuding over?


But not so much in the typical ways people are at each other’s throats over money. This was something entirely different.

In today’s episode of Underground Wellness Radio, Josh Trent and I reunite after four years of relative estrangement to hash out our differences and put the matter to rest, for good.

Click the PLAY button at the top of this post to listen to Episode #345 with Josh Trent.

Happy Friday, pals.


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Friday Fun Day! A Double Dose of Nastiness!


Before we get to today’s workout, I must say that last night’s radio show with Bruce Fife was an INSTANT CLASSIC.

I was amazed by how much we covered in a little over an hour. We chatted about:

* Why coconut oil has been stigmatized and synonymous with heart disease
* The soybean industry’s influence in creating the coconut oil fear
* How coconut oil may reverse Alzheimer’s
* Why cooking with “heart healthy” vegetable oils is NOT a good idea
* How vegetable oils can slow down your thyroid
* The connection between low-grade infections and heart disease
* How much coconut oil YOU should use every day
* And a whole bunch of other good stuff!

Listen HERE!

Thanks for all of your submitted questions and call-ins. Makes my job nice and easy!

TODAY, Josh Trent of Wellness Force made a return to Underground Wellness along with our new friend-in-fitness John Parker of FitLife TV.

The workout was BRUTAL! Almost tossed my cookies!

Here’s what we did.

Josh’s Workout

* Skiers – 30 seconds
* JUMPing Jacks with The Band – 30 seconds
* Indo Board Push Ups – 30 seconds (Buy YOUR Indo Board HERE!)
* Split Squat Plyos with a Twist – 30 seconds

Check out Josh’s advice on how to modify the workout and rest intervals to suit your own fitness level. It’s in the middle of the video.

John’s Workout
I had to go back through the footage to remember what we did. It was so traumatizing that my brain repressed the memory.

* Split Squat Jumps (again!) – 30 seconds (Get as HIGH as You Can!)
* Reverse Lunge with Knee Drive – 15 seconds on each side (Totally Suck)
* Rocker Push-Ups with a Plyo Push Up Finish – 20 seconds then bang out as may clappers as you can

You can do any of these movements at home or in your backyard. No gym needed! No excuses!

See you Monday!