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Are Chemicals Making You Fat?

by Sean Croxton

There’s a lot more to fat loss than meets the eye.

I’ve sat through many conferences, read hundreds of books, and spoken with countless experts about the causes of and potential solutions for our modern obesity epidemic.

Everyone has their own opinion. Some make sense. Others are overly simplistic — take the calories-in/calories-out fat loss formula, for instance. And most completely miss the point by approaching the topic with extreme tunnel vision.

In my opinion, solving problems usually calls for some lateral thinking, or what I call thinking outside of The Box. In other words, getting to the bottom of obesity requires that the conversation move beyond just diet and exercise alone.

This conversation can go in many directions. We could talk about the effects of sleep deprivation on weight gain, the role of stress in blood sugar dysregulation, or even how infections contribute to insulin resistance and thus fat storage.

But one leading cause of obesity that often gets lost in this ongoing discussion is how the abundance of toxic chemicals in our air, food, water, and even those lurking in your kitchen and bathroom cabinets are making you fat.

It is blatantly obvious that obesity has steadily risen as our food supply has become more processed and refined. I think we can all agree on that. Yet during this same period the number of chemicals in our environment has exploded in lock-step with our waistlines. For instance, in his fascinating-yet-kinda-scary book The Hundred Year Lie, author Randall Fitzgerald states that in a study conducted by the Centers for Disease Control involving 2,400 adults and children, more than two hundred synthetic chemical toxins were found in the subjects’ bodies, with a hundred more chemicals suspected to be present.

The human body was never intended to deal with this kind of chemical assault. In fact, when you think about it, your body is a highly complex machine within which literally thousands of biochemical reactions are taking place at all times. If you’ve ever taken a laboratory course in Chemistry, you know that mixing random chemicals together can be a bad idea. You never know what you’re gonna get!

According to a growing number of research scientists studying obesogens, the chemicals we inhale, eat, drink, and lather ourselves with during and after a shower are making us fat.

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Almost Done!!

Back to our regularly scheduled program.

Feels kinda weird sitting down and writing a blog. Kinda nostalgic.

But I can get used to this again!

I tell ya, writing a book is one of the most humbling and never ending things ever. Didn’t I say I wanted to be done and have it out by July 1st? Didn’t happen. In fact, we’re scrambling to meet our September 1st launch date. Things are about to get really interesting! 🙂

Despite my silence on this blog and on YouTube, I have to thank you for hanging in there with me. Your support on Facebook and Twitter has been tremendous. Very cool of you.

If you haven’t heard already, you can get instant access to the introductory chapter of The Dark Side of Fat Loss at www.thedarksideoffatloss.com.

The reviews have been fantastic! Thanks for your emails, FB posts, and tweets.

Can’t wait to launch. As always, hard work will pay off.

About to upload a cooking video I shot a month ago with Scott Kustes of Naked Food Cooking. If you like chocolate cake, you’ll LOVE this recipe. Super easy. Be on the lookout!