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Can Bone Broth Consumption Reduce Protein Requirements?

by Sean Croxton & Chef Lance Roll

Over the years, I have gotten my fair share of email from readers, viewers, and listeners wondering what they can do if high-quality (grass-fed, free-range, wild) protein sources aren’t quite in the budget.

Well, here’s a pretty cool option — you can drink more bone broth!

It’s cheap. It heals the gut, thus improving nutrient absorption. And apparently, when consumed in sufficient quantities, it reduces our protein needs. In other words, we can get away with consuming less protein.

Sarah Pope covered this topic pretty thoroughly in her Real Food Summit presentation, which I have posted for FREE viewing as part of yesterday’s blog.

Check out the video clip below in which Chef Lance Roll and I discuss this fascinating benefit of that magical elixir we call bone broth.

To listen to the entire show, click HERE.

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It’s Not About the Nutrients: The Stanford Organic Food Study

by Sean Croxton

Last week I had the great pleasure of being interviewed by Abel Bascom for his popular Fat-Burning Man podcast. About thirty minutes into our conversation, Abel pitched me the most rant-inducing question he could have possibly delivered.

Abel’s query pertained to the recent study out of Stanford University concluding that organically-grown food is no more nutritious than its chemically-laden counterpart.

My answer: I don’t care.

To be perfectly honest, I hadn’t even heard of the study — very likely because I pay zero attention to what’s reported in the news, especially mainstream media reports on anything having to do with health.

I’m sure people all over the country employed this study as one ginormous gotcha moment, an opportunity to finally prove to their hippy friends that they had been wasting their hard-earned cash for apparently — and scientifically — no reason whatsoever.

In your face, hippies! Told ya so!

Well, I’m no hippy. And, yes, the nutritional value of food is important to me. But regardless of what those smart folks at Stanford may say, and what Anderson Cooper may read off of his teleprompter, I prefer my food to be poison-free. It’s really that simple.

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Misled…and Misfed w/ Morley Robbins

by Sean Croxton & Morley Robbins

Introducing my main man Morley.

How could you not love the guy?

I first met Morley last year in Vernon Hills, IL as I was co-teaching the Functional Diagnostic Nutrition live course with Reed Davis.

My first recollection of Morley is of him standing up during a break and educating the entire class on the injustices of the FDA.

Right then, I knew he was my kind of guy.

To say he is passionate about real health is an understatement.

If you listen to UW Radio you likely know him as a frequent caller from the 847. Over the last 2 years, I have received many emails from listeners wondering just who Morley is. So, I thought it would be a good idea for you to get to know him.

A couple of months ago, we got together to record a podcast. But since I was so busy finishing my book, I didn’t have a chance to get this out to you. And I was also having a tough time finding a free podcast player that didn’t bombard you with cheesy ads. I finally found one.

This was actually supposed to be an email-list-only podcast. But since there is no UW Radio show scheduled this week due to the Thanksgiving holiday, I decided to make it available to everyone. To receive future exclusive podcasts, enter your email address in the upper right corner of this page.

In this podcast, Morley Robbins and I discuss:

* The roots of his strong passion for health and wellness.
* What he means when he says we have been “misled…and misfed”.
* The issue/item in our food industry that keeps him awake at night.
* The one thing he would change about the American diet if he had a magic wand.
* How, as a health coach, he changes the dietary perspectives of his clients.

Morley and I also discuss the interesting concept behind his forthcoming book. I can’t wait to read it! We’ll definitely have him on UW Radio once it hits the shelves.

Click HERE and meet my main man Morley.

Sean Croxton
Author, The Dark Side of Fat Loss

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Pork Belly with Pineapple Salsa!

by Sean Croxton & Scott Kustes

I have so much video footage in the can! You have no idea.

While I was writing The Dark Side of Fat Loss, we did quite a bit of filming, but I didn’t have the time to edit it.

So here’s an easy Saturday afternoon Pork Belly with Pineapple Salsa recipe courtesy of our good friend Scott Kustes of Real Food University.

If you love bacon, you’re gonna be all over this!

The ingredients and directions are below. Click the video to follow along.

Let me know if you make this one. Send pics!

If you’re looking for MORE real food recipes, there are over 80 of them in The Underground Cookbook, along with over 40 cooking videos submitted by Undergrounders from around the world. The cookbook comes as a bonus when you purchase The Dark Side of Fat Loss. Click HERE for more details!

Happy weekend, my friends.

* 2 lbs pork belly, 2-3” slab
* 2 tbsp smoked paprika
* 1 tbsp cumin

* 2 c pineapple, diced
* ½ medium red onion, diced
* 1 jalapeno, seeded and diced
* 1 avocado
* 2 limes, juiced
* 1 orange, juiced

* Heat oven to 400 degrees. Rub pork belly with paprika and cumin.
* Place in oven, skin side up, for 30 minutes, then reduce heat to 350 degrees.
* Roast 1 more hour, baste, and turn skin side down for another hour.
* Combine salsa ingredients and mix well.
* Slice pork and serve with salsa.

Sean Croxton
Author, The Dark Side of Fat Loss

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JERF: Just Eat Real Food!

by Sean Croxton

Oh, this felt so good!

I haven’t done a YouTube rant in a long time.

Today, I did my video rendition of last month’s This is Silly blog. Did it all in one take!

I’m sure a handful of health bloggers will be a bit offended. But, everything is a matter of perception anyway.

I just want the common person out there who is curious about health to be able to find real answers about nutrition without having to deal with all the B.S. and grandstanding that has become so prevalent in our field.

And NO, there is nothing wrong with changing our minds about things. But I can only imagine how frustrating it is for people to hear one thing today and something completely different from the same person tomorrow.

Let’s keep it simple.

Let’s Just Eat Real Food!

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