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The Podcast about Hotties, FREE Recipes, & Eating More Plants. (#215)

imagegetter.jspby Sean Croxton

I love vegans.

Especially ones that don’t go out of their way to make me feel bad about the bison jerky I’m munching on right now.

Cynthia Pasquella is one of those vegans. Plus, she earns extra cool points for giving away 53 pages of her new cookbook for FREE —> www.hungryhotcooking.com

Last Thursday, she stopped by UW Radio to talk about her Hungry Hottie Cookbook, having a healthy eating mindset, and how to make plant-based recipes taste good.

Click the player at the bottom of this post to listen.

Here are my notes…

4:05 – Cynthia’s dirty little secret
6:00 – “A complete breakdown”
7:30 – Getting the ultimate message
9:00 – Finding healthy foods and meals that actually taste good
10:26 – How the Hungry Hottie Cookbook came about
11:29 – Honoring your hunger
13:24 – Transform gradually: over time, not overnight
14:45 – Making small shifts toward a healthier life
15:59 – The Hungry Hottie Manifesto
19:00 – Why Cynthia’s cookbook is plant-based
21:20 – If you don’t eat meat, then what do you eat?
22:40 – Ten or fewer ingredients, thirty minutes or less
23:17 – Substituting ingredients
24:46 – Hotness Factors
25:45 – How basil lowers cortisol and increases relaxation
26:39 – Cynthia’s favorite recipes
27:37 – Chocolate strawberry quinoa cereal
28:02 – Black bean cakes with pineapple salsa
28:15 – For the kids
30:11 – Institute for Transformational Nutrition info
33:23 – The fruit that can increase your libido
35:00 – How to get FREE stuff!
35:50 – The Hungry Hottie 5-Day Slim Down

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Don’t forget to pick up your FREE cookbook preview. Yummy stuff in there!

Hungry Hottie Cookbook