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How to Feel Like a Rock Star!

How’d it go this morning?

Did you hit the snooze button repeatedly until you had to get up, or did you jump out of bed eager to attack your day?

Did you turn to artificial energy — caffeine and sugar — to put some pep in your step, or were your batteries completely recharged from a good night’s sleep?

Did you feel like a rock — static and inert — or did you feel like a rock star?

I tell ya, if you’re not feeling like a rock star all day, every day, then you’re probably not living your best life — and that’s no fun.

Maybe you’re getting to bed too late.

Maybe the automatic negative thoughts in your head (ANTs) are wearing you down.

Or maybe you’re just not feeling passionate about your occupation, and dread showing up to work for another eight to nine hours of trading misery for a paycheck.

The circumstances standing between you and rock stardom abound. But with a few tweaks here and there, I can almost guarantee that your energy and vitality can shoot to the top of the charts.