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The BEST Test for Gluten Sensitivity!

Note: The following blog post has been adapted from a post I wrote back in December of 2010 called Detecting Gluten Sensitivity: The New Frontier. A lot has happened on this site since then. So if you missed this post or are new to UW, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.

I used to be the King of Whole Grains.

Indoctrinated to be a processed food salesman by my university-taught nutrition courses, I spent several years drilling the base of the USDA Food Guide Pyramid into the skulls of my personal training clients.

“Six to eleven servings of bread, rice, and pasta a day, you people!! How on Earth do you expect to meet your energy and fiber requirements? Do it! DO IT NOW!”

Fast-forward ten years to present day and I can’t help but wonder how much damage my whole grain zealotry may have caused. Who knows how many of my clients were overweight, fatigued, depressed, and more due to undiagnosed gluten sensitivity.

I honestly didn’t know any better.