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The Podcast about Going Beyond Diet and Exercise to Reach Your Health and Fat Loss Goals

by Sean Croxton

I know! I know!

I’m about a week late with this post.

My team and I have been busy, busy, busy piecing together the upcoming Real Food Summit set to launch on Sunday, July 8. It’s gonna be MAJOR! Stay tuned.

A little over a week ago, my main man Dean Dwyer — author of Make Shift Happen — CRUSHED his appearance on UW Radio.

I can talk about mindset, success strategies, and personal development books all day long.

If you don’t know Dean’s story already, he spent 19 years of his life as a vegan/vegetarian but with little success in terms of his health and fat loss. Eventually, he realized that fat loss went far beyond diet and exercise. And he began to incorporate personal development and success strategies to not only his fat loss goals but to his life in general.

In this episode, Dean reveals a handful of the 20 shifts and strategies he outlines in his outstanding book, including:

* How to step away from the fat loss gurus and instead become an expert on YOU!

* Why you should Log Like Captain Kirk in order to collect the necessary data to uncover what works for you.

* The importance of Getting Your Beta On, or why thinking like a software developer can help you upgrade your health and fat loss program.

* How to eliminate on-the-spot decisions by Deciding in Advance.

* Why a Purpose Driven Workout — having reasons beyond weight loss to work out — may be the missing link to staying consistent with your exercise regimen.

* How a book about writer’s block can help quiet the heckler in your head.

* The Power of Less. How small changes have a HUGE impact on BIG change.

I could interview this guy every week!! Like I told him during the show, he’s like my brother from another mother!

Click the PLAY button below to listen to the entire show. You’ll dig it.

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The Blog about Losing Fat by Making Shi(f)t Happen and Stuff…

by Sean Croxton

Dean Dwyer is a Professional Human Being.

And then some.

Anyone who can take books like Rework (about streamlining success and increasing productivity for entrepreneurs and small businesses), Good to Great (about how companies achieve enduring greatness), and Against All Odds (the autobiography of James Dyson, the inventor of the Dyson vacuum) and apply them to fat loss and personal transformation is my kind of guy.

Diet books will only take you so far, my friends.

So last night, I skipped the Lakers game and read Dean’s new book entitled Make Shi(f)t Happen: Change How You Look by Changing How You Think. Actually, I didn’t just read it. I inhaled all 268 pages of it cover-to-cover.

Was it good?

Heck yeah it was good! Rarely do I ever read a book straight through. But when Dean shared the epiphany he had after 25 years of eating “healthy” while still carrying around an extra 50 pounds of body fat, I was hooked.

In Dean’s words…

“There was no reason to believe that this time around would be different, and yet I couldn’t shake the feeling that I was onto something this time because my epiphany focused not on how to lose weight, but rather on how to think about weight-loss. Twenty-five years of doing “stuff” hadn’t worked. This time I needed to be different, and in order for me to be different, I needed to think different.”

Word up, Mr. Dean.