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#299 – Food was My Boyfriend.

Guest: Neely Quinn

Neely Quinn — host of The Women’s Weight Loss Solution — stops by to share her story of emotional eating, overcoming fear, and losing weight the right way.

Here are my notes:

2:02 – Why Neely decided to come out from behind-the-scenes and go in front of the camera to share her story and help others.

3:51 – The legend of David Sinick.

5:22 – Neely’s emotional story of vegetarianism, weight gain, and bizarre health problems.

11:38 – How an episode of vision loss led Neely to a new diet and lifestyle.

14:07 – Dealing with the guilt of eating meat.

17:20 – “Eight to ninety-percent of the time I was conscious of how BIG I was.”

19:00 – How removing gluten helped Neely lose 15 pounds, fast!

20:27 – The “grieving process” of removing grains.

24:36 – How to address the emotional underpinnings of binge eating and food addiction.

26:45 – The unconventional “therapy” that helped Neely overcome binge eating.

31:47 – Substituting addictions: Trading one addiction for another.

35:23 – Why a low-carb diet can be problematic for women.

38:14 – 4 must-see talks at The Women’s Weight Loss Solution


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#298 – Natural Remedies for Cold and Flu Season

Guest: Katie the Wellness Mama

Katie the Wellness Mama — Host of the Wellness Family Summit — visits the show to share her natural remedies for cold and flu season.

Here are my notes:

2:03 – Check out my talk at The Wellness Family Summit!

3:38 – How Katie gets stuff done with 5 kids and a full load, including homeschooling!

5:24 – A Mother’s Rule of Life: How to Bring Order to Your Home and Peace to Your Soul

6:25 – The fear of being “found out”. What kept Katie from “coming out” as the Wellness Mama.

9:58 – How a history of health problems led to a Hashimoto’s diagnosis.

12:42 – Do homemade cold and flu remedies actually work?

15:29 – How an herbal tonic saved four thieves from The Plague. Plus, how to make it!

18:46 – A recipe (and a precaution) for making elderberry syrup — when to take it, and how much.

21:00 – Natural and SAFE formulas for cough drops and syrup. Perfect for children!

23:00 – A homemade Vapo Rub with coconut oil, bees wax, and essential oils.

24:25 – The benefits of local honey for allergies, bacterial infections, and wound treatment.

25:31 – An old Japanese remedy for muscle soreness.

29:06 – How to make arnica spray for pain and soreness.

30:58 – “The current generation of American children will be the first in 200 years to have a shorter life expectancy than their parents.”

33:26 – Get all of the recipes mentioned in this episode!

Tune in Thursday for a killer episode on women’s weight loss and emotional eating with Neely Quinn.


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#297 – How to Go Paleo Without Going Crazy!

Guest: Leanne Ely

Leanne Ely — author of Part-Time Paleo — visits the show to discuss how to go paleo without going crazy.

Here are my bullets!

3:23 – How Hashimoto’s and a life out of control led Leanne to the Paleo Diet … and “blew her mind”.

7:30 – Feeling guilty for not doing what paleo people do. When CrossFit, pemmican, and toed shoes just don’t fit.

9:15 – “Embrace the parts that work for you and change it up for the parts that don’t.”

9:45 – “I’ve found that saying ‘you can never eat this again’ is akin to double-dog daring someone to eat it. It makes the forbidden look tempting and leaves it constantly on your mind. Dreams of sourdough loaves dancing in your head … been there, done that.”

10:10 – The Part-Time Paleo Rules: How to find your inner nutritional guru while navigating what works for you and what doesn’t.

13:00 – How is sourdough bread different or better than standard grain-based bread?

14:00 – How to navigate dinner invitations when you know the food won’t be paleo.

17:17 – An incredible 5-minute workout that saves time and can be done anywhere!

20:14 – Recommended YouTube channels with FREE Tabata training videos.

21:00 – 3 must-have essentials for the Part-Time Paleo kitchen.

26:20 – Sprouting: An easy, inexpensive way to get more veggies in your diet. Plus, how to grown them at home!

30:09 – Order Part-Time Paleo!


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#296 – A Girl’s Guide to Hashimoto’s

Guest: Andrea Nakayama

Andrea Nakayama — founder of The Girl’s Guide to Hashimoto’s — stops by the podcast to discuss all things Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis.

Here are my bullets!

1:04 – Whoops! I mis-numbered the podcast episodes. My bad.

2:06 – The Digestion Sessions registration page is OPEN!

4:06 – The journey that brought Andrea to her Hashimoto’s diagnosis.

6:42 – Almost everyone with Hashimoto’s is dealing with stress, genetic predisposition, and digestive issues.

7:16 – How a practitioner completely overlooked Andrea’s thyroid and made her feel worse!

8:38 – How does someone with Hashimoto’s feel? The A-Z checklist.

11:04 – Let’s back up. What exactly is Hashimoto’s?

12:34 – The 3-Legged Stool: 3 things that must be present for Hashimoto’s to express itself.

18:10 – Women with Hashimoto’s outnumber men 10 to 1. Why?

19:54 – The problem with lab ranges and the soaring rate of thyroid misdiagnosis.

22:00 – How to create a “strategic partnership” with a practitioner who can work WITH you to heal your thyroid.

23:41 – Does Hashimoto’s ever go away, or is it something that must be managed and “danced with”?

26:00 – Defining your bike lane and your poison ivy. Andrea’s best tips for taking care of yourself when life get stressful.

30:40 – To iodine or NOT to iodine. Andrea’s take!

33:51 – Checking Out: A common yet seldom discussed obstacle that gets in the way of healing.

36:37 – How “owning your Hashimoto’s” is a GOOD thing.

42:28 – Learn more about The Girl’s Guide to Hashimoto’s.


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#291 – How to Have All-Day Energy!

Guest: Yuri Elkaim

Yuri Elkaim — author of The All-Day Energy Diet — visits the show to reveal how busy, health-seeking individuals can enjoy more energy, vibrant health, and easier weight loss by fine-tuning seven foundational (yet commonly overlooked) pillars of energy and vitality.

Here are my notes:

1:04 – Announcement: This is the FINAL live show. :(

6:41 – From heartthrob to unhealthy: Yuri’s dramatic (and scary) health breakdown.

9:59 – “I woke up in the morning and my pillow was covered in hair.”

13:54 – Reversing alopecia (an autoimmune condition) in two months with real food.

14:31 – The alopecia returns. Due to a tetanus shot?

15:32 – The power of being who you are.

18:40 – How caffeine makes your energy WORSE in the long run!

21:00 – “Stress is self-induced. We give meaning to particular situations and that’s how we interpret them.”

22:46 – Energy vampires and the blood sugar/energy roller coaster.

24:56 – Yuri’s best tips for eliminating coffee and caffeine.

27:45 – How flooding your body with green foods curbs cravings and boosts energy.

30:21 – The acid/alkaline factor: Why a 75% raw diet will oxygenate your blood and send your energy roaring. (This is NOT a vegan diet, by the way!)

34:31 – Should you juice or blend, or does it not even matter?

37:19 – Yuri’s favorite energizing smoothie recipe.

39:04 – 3 natural supplements for boosting energy, stamina, and productivity.

42:01 – The most influential people in Yuri’s health, personal development, and business.

44:00 – Order The All-Day Energy Diet!


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#290 – Rethinking Fatigue

Guest: Nora Gedgaudas

Nora Gedgaudas — author of Rethinking Fatigue — stopped by the show to discuss what your adrenals are really telling you and what you can do about it.

Here are my notes:

2:53 – Only Nora could work on 4 or 5 books at once!

5:05 – What are your adrenals and why is cortisol important?

9:19 – How “self abuse” like heavy training schedules and burning the candle at both ends sends cortisol into overdrive. 

10:58 – The natural cortisol rhythm — getting you out of bed in the morning and winding you down at night.

12:26 – The BEST test for assessing your cortisol rhythm and output. Plus, the problems with cortisol blood tests.

14:40 – Tired but wired: when cortisol loses its rhythm.

17:27 – Adrenal problems are just about NEVER glandular problems. There’s nothing wrong with the adrenals.

18:45 – Why your hippocampus is particularly vulnerable to elevated cortisol levels and how it leads to cortisol rhythm dysregulation, memory problems, senior moments, and depression.

22:26 – “If you’re taking standard adrenal supplements, it’s not going to do very much.”

25:38 – Your adrenals take orders from the brain. It’s the brain, not the adrenals!

31:50 – Specialized cells in your brain responsible for how much and how little cortisol your adrenals make … and how chronic infections can stimulate or dampen your adrenal output.

42:07 – Why a ketogenic diet is the best diet for adrenal dysfunction.

48:02 – The hidden forms of stress and how their depleting effects on your brain and nervous system.

50:54 – When people go on ketogenic diets, they still may see depressed cortisol on their Adrenal Stress Index (ASI) test.

53:53 – How to find a qualified practitioner to help you get to the root of your fatigue.

58:29 – Order Rethinking Fatigue HERE!


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#289 – The Miracle Morning

Guest: Hal Elrod

Hal Elrod — author of The Mirace Morning — visits the show to discuss how making small changes to your morning routine can ultimately change your life.

Here are my notes!

5:58 – You only live .. twice. How a drunk driver changed Hal’s life forever.

12:10 – Hitting rock bottom (#1). Waking up in a nightmare.

13:42 – Every experience, good or bad, is an asset, as long as you see it that way.

17:29 – Living life by The 5-Minute Rule.

21:05 – It is 100% our responsibility to choose the reason why things happen in our lives.

24:00 – Hitting rock bottom (#2). Going broke and getting fat.

26:06 – My publisher ran off with my money!

28:42 – Why going broke was WORSE than “dying” in a head-on collision.

32:00 – “I’m a success coach who’s failing miserably.”

32:50 – The best advice Hal ever got … but was reluctant to do.

35:37 – “Your level of success will rarely exceed your level of personal development, because success is something you attract by the person you become.” — Jim Rohn

37:05 – How to get “level 10” success.

39:39 – 6 Things Successful People Do.

43:33 – The 95% Reality Check: How to Rise Above Mediocrity.

48:10 – “If we don’t live a life by design, then we will end up living a life by default.”

48:50 – Mediocrity Cause: Lack of Urgency (aka “Someday Syndrome”)

51:04 – The 5-Minute Journal: What would make today great?

53:54 – Hal’s top 5 book recommendations.

56:30 – Learn more about Hal’s Best Year Ever Live event in San Diego!

Listen to the entire episode on BlogTalk Radio.