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#187: When Animals Eat Right, You Do Too!

John Wood

Guest: John Wood

John Wood, founder of US Wellness Meats, joins Sean to discuss the truth about grass-fed, pastured meats.

Topics include…

* Exactly how grass-fed meat prevents cancer
* What the pH of a cow’s rumen has to do with nutritional value
* How consumption of grass-fed meat slows the aging process
* The difference between grass-fed and grass-finished

This recording is part of the Real Food Summit package. Learn more about the summit HERE.

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One thought on “#187: When Animals Eat Right, You Do Too!

  1. Jack

    I love wellness meat. Great interview. However, I am still confused about the origin of how we started to feed corn to cows. Didn’t quite understand the connection with the nitrates, bombs and corn. Can somebody please explain? Thanks!

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