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#203: Unleash Your Thin

Jonny Bowden

Guest: Jonny Bowden

Jonny Bowden, Ph.D., CCN, stops by the show to discuss the missing links to a slim, sexy, and healthy body.

Topics include…

* The 7 myths that keep you fat
* The 4 low-carb lies that are making you sick
* The 2 most important factors for successful fat loss

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One thought on “#203: Unleash Your Thin

  1. Kerry

    Excellent show, but I am a bit concerned that the wrong information is being transmitted. Fats from diet can eventually end up being stored in adipose tissue if they are eaten in excess. In such cases, they do not enter the beta oxidation cycle and instead join with apoprotiens and are taken up into the adipose tissue cells. The Dr, made it sound like excess fat is also a positive thing, but that is not so, and while it does not have a great effect on insulin level, insulin level is not the only factor in the metabolic pathway. I think we have a social responsibility to ensure the public understands this.

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