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Retro – Digestive Wellness

Liz Lipski

Dr. Liz Lipski, author of Digestive Wellness and Digestive Wellness for Children, stops by to discuss the many things that can go wrong with our digestive systems – and how to fix them!

Here’s what we talked about:

10:05 What Dr. Lipski does all day and how she got so interested in digestion even though she didn’t mean to!

13:52 The role of the standard American diet in our digestive troubles and the one concept that’s really missing from the food pyramid.

18:58 What to look for—and what to do—when your kids tell you their tummy hurts.

21:15 Are germs good for us? All about the Hygiene Hypothesis and how our obsession with going germ-free could be affecting our health.

24:51 Why you should drop that yellow M&M and definitely not give any to your kids.

27:21 The very best way to clear out your colon. Plus, who does and does not need colonics.

32:15 How to wean off herbal laxatives and the questions to ask yourself to get to the bottom of why you needed them in the first place.

37:05 What to look for in stool testing results, and what we can do if our gut bacteria aren’t doing what they’re supposed to do (or are missing completely)!

44:39 The constipation/cancer connection: why it’s time to embrace the fact that everybody poops.

48:55 Is it too much stomach acid or not enough? How to test the “strength” of your stomach and why it’s so important for your health.

56:31 All about digestion and autoimmune disease, and exactly what you should eliminate from your diet to feel better.

1:02:50 What your mood and your mind have to do with your gut, and what you can do to for a healthier and happier digestive system.

1:10:45 The power of probiotics, the microbiome, and the many messages we send our bodies all the time.

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