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#230: How to MAXIMize Your Detox.

Dr. Andrea Maxim

Guest: Dr. Andrea Maxim

You are what you eat and you are what you are exposed to. The words “Detox” and “Cleanse” are becoming buzz words in the health industry.

Doing a detox is like hitting the reset button on your health, but ONLY if you have full understanding of why you need to detoxify your body and how to do it safely.

In this week’s podcast, Dr. Andrea Maxim, Naturopathic Doctor and author of the upcoming novel “MAXIMized Health: The New, Intelligent System for Optimal Digestion and Hormones” discusses the exposures we need to be aware of, the signs and symptoms of toxicity, and how to detox your body properly.

Remember, your body does not fit into a box, so neither should your detox.

To learn more about Dr. Andrea Maxim, Naturopathic Doctor and author please visit her website at

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