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#229: How to Have the Perfect Poop.

Jordan Reasoner and Steve Wright

Guests: Jordan Reasoner and Steve Wright

Is your poop anything less than perfect?

Yeah, I know it’s a personal question. But truth be told, what you see in the toilet can tell you a lot about your health in general.

In fact, in my experience as a health coach, a faulty digestive system is often at the root of common health challenges including brain fog, skin problems, low libido, food sensitivities, autoimmunity, and more.

A lot more.

Unfortunately, poop is one of those topics that very few of us care to talk about. Even worse, most doctors don’t know how to diagnose and treat digestive disorders.

What to do?

Listen to this episode of Underground Wellness Radio with my special guests — and poop nerds — Jordan Reasoner and Steve Wright of SCD Lifestyle.

Jordan and Steve share with you The 3 Body Systems Responsible for Perfect Poops.

Topics include hormone balancing, detoxification, the GI tract, and the best tests for uncovering digestive challenges.

Check out Jordan and Steve’s website at

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3 thoughts on “#229: How to Have the Perfect Poop.

  1. Anthony

    Hey, to the Philly girl that called in. You might have to just head to DC since they have licensed Naturopaths Dr Orceyre is awesome.

  2. N.J.

    Very interesting and informative podcast. But when I went to their website I saw that the SCD diet includes peanuts and legumes, which I have been led to believe by numerous sources to be highly inflammatory to those with bowel issues. What gives? Any opinions? Sean, what say you?

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