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#201: How to Get Paid to Do What You LOVE!

Marie Forleo

Guest: Marie Forleo

How could you get paid to do what you love?

Frustrated with trading their time for dollars, people all over the world are leaving their traditional nine-to-fives to join the new internet economy, where they can cash in on their passions and create time freedom.

But how YOU get started?

Just how do you create your dream job?

On this episode of UW Radio, internet marketing sensation Marie Forleo — a former fitness/dance instructor — teaches you the fundamentals of building a successful online business.

Topics include:

– What marketing REALLY means
– 3 things every good website MUST have
– The secret to creating raving fans while having ZERO budget
– The importance of KNOWING your audience
– Why your dream job is NOT silly!!!

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One thought on “#201: How to Get Paid to Do What You LOVE!

  1. Whitney C

    Hey Sean! The call with Marie totally inspired me and I am now officially in B-school! I am going to tell them that without you I would have never found B-school. Thank you, I know it’s going to make a big difference in my career. And I’m excited to work with you too! Please let me know how to set that up, and thank you for this generous and valuable offer!

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