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#18: Andropause: Are You Becoming Less of a Man?

Reed Davis

Guest: Reed Davis

Reed Davis is back on UW Radio! Reed is a Clinical Nutritionist and Instructor for the Functional Diagnostic Nutrition (FDN) course. He was the first guest on UW Radio late last year. Of all of my fantastic guests, listeners ask about Reed the most.

Our topic is Andropause. Women get the most attention when it comes to hormonal changes. However, men have their fair share as well! Testosterone dips. Estrogen rises. Muscles atrophy. Libido tanks. And wives get angry!!! In fact, by the age of 50, many men produce as much estrogen as women! OUCH!

Learn how testing your hormones can crack the code to lasting weight loss, increased libido, and enhanced sexual performance. Ladies! Tell your husbands or boyfriends! Call your fathers and grandfathers! This interview will change their lives forever.

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