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#320 – Vaccines, HPV, and $7M!

Guest: Jeff Hays

Vaccines, HPV, and $7 Million Bucks-3

Jeff Hays — producer of the new documentary Bought — reveals The Truth Behind Vaccines, Big Pharma, & Your Food.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

3:22 – The motivation behind Bought.

7:44 – The only person’s opinion that really matters … and how the movie changed Jeff’s view on vaccines.

11:18 – Why there isn’t more research linking autism and vaccines, and whether or not we’ll ever know if vaccines are to blame.

13:12 – The “very profitable business with no downside” that can produce “inherently and unavoidably unsafe” vaccines without being sued for damages.

17:07 – Playing vaccine whack-a-mole: the unintended consequences of making vaccines safer.

20:14 – The evolution of the vaccine injury compensation plan and who really ends up paying it.

23:50 – Why the vaccine schedule has never been studied and why it’s such a big problem.

25:47 – The dangerous vaccine being recommended to young women and how it got to the market as “safe.”

31:59 – What Wall Street has to do with your doctor and how it’s affecting drug and vaccine studies and the future of our health.

36:18 – A few important questions we really need to start asking ourselves and how “Bought” can help us do it.




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