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#288 – Fat Loss for Busy People

Guest: Brett Klika

Brett Klika — 2013 Personal Trainer of the Year and author of The Underground Workout Manual 2.0 — stops by the show to reveal his best strategies for losing fat while on a busy schedule.

Here are my notes!

3:49 – Let’s be realistic and create strategies that actually work for busy people.

6:15 – There’s no time to exercise because they’re running an hour a day to lose fat!

7:28 – Make your trips to the store count, and match your purchases to the way you eat.

8:50 – Take an hour on the weekend to prepare your meals/snacks for the week.

10:52 – Cut your workout down to 20 minutes, prioritizing resistance training.

12:00 – Use your hormones to your advantage.

12:50 – Time your rest periods and DON’T rest till you’re ready.

16:00 – Superset (i.e. push-pull, upper-lower) for more efficient workouts.

17:03 – Don’t waste your time on bicep curls, crunches, and tricep extensions.

19:09 – Work out at home and use your bodyweight.

22:12 – Bare bones equipment for more advanced home workouts.

24:41 – Combine your weight training with cardio and kiss the treadmill goodbye.

29:45 – Get a standup desk.

32:16 – Park far away from your destination.

32:38 – Get a basketball hoop for your yard.

33:17 – Hire a meal delivery service like Pete’s Paleo or Fitzee Foods.

34:39 – Don’t forget to recover from your high-intensity LIFE!

38:35 – Get Brett’s How Fat Dies video coaching series.

41:10 – Watch Brett’s talk at The SexyBack Summit FREE this weekend!

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