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#287 – Eat More Butter

Guest: Nina Teicholz

Nina Teicholz — author of The Big Fat Surprise: Why Butter, Meat, and Cheese Belong in a Healthy Diet — pays us a visit to discuss the saturated fat myth, why the ban on trans fats may have made things worse, and the truth about olive oil.

Here are my notes!

1:14 – Big news about the upcoming Hashimoto’s Institute!

2:53 – I’m bringing SexyBack!

6:09 – How a lifelong vegetarian landed upon the saturated fat myth.

8:52 – Is Nina’s book a rehash of Good Calories, Bad Calories?

12:40 – Did the removal of trans fats make things worse?

19:18 – Bring the beef tallow back!

23:07 – How food companies influence nutritional science and the universities that teach it.

27:27 – What will it take to CHANGE how nutritional science is taught?

31:31 – Eat Butter. How Time Magazine exposed the saturated fat.

33:00 – How a “trade war” (and good marketing) vilified coconut and palm oils.

37:42 – “Olive oil has never been shown convincingly to have any special heart disease-fighting powers.”

41:13 – What Nina eats and what her bloodwork is saying.

47:09 – Is there an upper limit of saturated fat intake?

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