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#286 – Belly Fat, Gut Bacteria, and Obesity.

Guest: Mike Mutzel, MSc

Mike Mutzel, MSc — author of Belly Fat Effect — visits the show to reveal the real secret about how your diet, intestinal health and gut bacteria help you burn fat.

Here are my notes!

0:15 – Got a new mic. How do I sound? (Could have been better. Voice is too low. I’ll fix it!)

4:04 – Put down the fork and go to the gym! Oh, how things change…

6:36 – Two things about calories-in and calories-out that don’t make sense.

7:14 – Why overweight and digestive problems go hand-in-hand.

8:38 – Babies born by C-section are inoculated with hospital and skin bacteria.

9:00 – How inappropriate early feeding and antibiotic usage can cause immune and weight problems later in life.

10:44 – What to do if your baby NEEDS to be on antibiotics.

12:50 – “You can’t burn fat if you are inflamed.”

13:35 – The shocking truth about why gastric bypass works. (It’s not just the calories!)

15:35 – “The gut releases over 24 different hormones that regulate insulin’s systemic activity.”

19:30 – How food hanging around in your gut will make your gut bacteria extract more calories from what you eat…and lead to weight gain.

23:00 – Fat bugs and lean bugs … and which foods fuel them.

25:30 – I’m confused. If a fats transport endotoxins across the gut, then why are high-fat diets so highly touted? Get Mike’s tips for how to keep endotoxins down if you’re on a high-fat diet.

28:45 – The power of polyphenols.

30:06 – How bacterial endotoxins take you OUT of fat-burning mode by turning on your sugar-burning, inflammatory immune cells.

33:49 – Your immune cells makes you insulin resistant. They steal glucose from your muscles and organs in order to fight infections and keep you alive. But it makes you fat!

36:08 – How endotoxins and inflammation make you leptin resistant, making you chronically hungry and also breaking down your gut lining.

40:20 – What happens when fat cells spill lipids into the bloodstream and the fats end up where they’re not supposed to be.

41:55 – Does the immune system wear out, making overweight people more likely to get infections?

42:48 – Simple strategies for boosting your AMPK and tell your mitochondria to replicate and burn more fat.

44:27 – Mike’s best “mindful” tips for upgrading your guy bacteria, reducing inflammation, and burning more fat.

46:44 – The 4 Ps: polyphenols, prebiotics, probiotics, and pea protein.

50:08 – So no grains period?

51:05 – Download Mike’s FREE video series!

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