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Podcast 272:
How to Fix Your “Bathroom Woes”.


Last week, I spent a day reading Natural Solutions for Digestive Health by Dr. Jillian Teta and was totally BLOWN AWAY by these 3 statistics:
#1. Americans spend roughly $725 million annually on laxatives. (O.M.G!)

#2. Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) affects up to 15 percent of the U.S. population, a number that is likely way below current prevalence, as only about one quarter of people with IBS symptoms seek treatment.
#3. 48 percent of Americans are on at least one Rx drug, many of which have one or more digestive side effect.

One of the biggest issues we have with digestion is that no one likes to talk about it. 
But not me, I can talk about poop all day. 🙂
And that’s why Dr. Teta and I got together for mind-blowing episode on WHY digestive problems are on the rise and HOW to fix them.

Here are my notes!

3:19 – Why Dr. Teta is so fascinated with poop and “bathroom woes”.

4:46 – Gnarly digestion stats that will SHOCK you!

5:46 – 5 reasons why digestive problems are on the rise.

8:33 – What to do if your baby was born by C-section and why “breast is best”.

10:00 – Why the balance of omega-3 to omega-6 fats is critical to digestive function. Plus, which oils to limit or avoid.

12:49 – An awesome tool for investigating medication side effects.

14:30 – How NSAID medication make you prone to ulcers, gastric bleeding, and gastritis.

14:50 – How opiate medications may cause incapacitating constipation.

16:20 – Natural strategies and tips if you’re on opiates and dealing with constipation.

18:25 – Should we take probiotics when we’re on antibiotics…and for how long?

21:33 – How does your body know the difference between good and bad bacteria?

26:30 – What happens when you hold your poop? 

28:21 – How to establish a “bathroom routine”.

30:09 – The Squatty Potty, baby!!!

30:36 – How to reduce stress by changing your internal narrative and the meaning you attach to people and situations.

39:03 – 3 “under the radar” problematic foods that people with digestive issues should avoid.

41:45 – Caller Q: My girlfriend has gastritis. Are there any alternative approaches she should consider?

44:35 – A quick breakdown of Dr. Teta’s Gut Restoration program.

45:30 – Why the repair process of gut healing is so important but massively overlooked.

47:21 – Caller Q: Why is caffeine irritating my gut?

52:49 – Caller Q: Why okra consumption is good for healing leaky gut.

54:26 – Caller Q: Why chasing adrenal and thyroid symptoms without addressing digestion can prove futile. And, how “metabolic dominos” lead to digestive and hormonal problems.

Click the player below to listen to the entire episode.

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Stuff Mentioned in This Episode
Prescription Drug Side Effects
The Squatty Potty

Don’t miss Dr. Jillian’s brother-in-law Dr. Jade Teta on the show tonight. We’re be talking about his new Metabolic Aftershock program, an intelligent, efficient way to burn fat while spending LESS time in the gym. Here’s THE LINK!





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