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Podcast 243: How to Eat Like a Virgin.

Madonna-like-a-virginby Sean Croxton

JJ Virgin has to be the most generous person I know.

Last weekend, she gave away 15,000 copies of her upcoming Virgin Diet Cookbook…in about 15 hours.

That’s nuts.

If you missed the boat on this one, you can still get a copy of her digital Virgin Diet Community Cookbook — with 150 real food recipes — absolutely FREE at the link below. (offer ends Sunday)

Last night JJ joined me for an hour of Q&A with our live podcast listeners. We even got a few interesting prank calls. 🙂

All in all, it was an incredible hour of picking JJ’s brain. Here’s what we covered:

2:43 – Announcing our Stressaholic giveaway winners!

4:45 – An update on JJ’s miracle son, Grant. Learn more in this CNN segment.

6:05 – The two biggest questions Virgin Diet readers asked…and how JJ responded.

9:00 – How to get two DVDs — including an aisle-by-aisle shopping tour — for only $3.97.

11:50 – How to reintroduce eggs (raw or cooked?) after an elimination diet.

12:42 – Why JJ recommends removing eggs from the diet…temporarily.

14:44 – You need to be “all-in” or you’re not doing the diet, Thomas! 🙂

21:11 – The cutest call EVER from The Ortiz Family.

22:27 – “The glycemic index is stupid. It’s just a stupid thing, it should be blown up.”

25:50 – The very best outcome you can get when sending your ex-wife a diet book.

29:56 – The link between mineral deficiency and spasticity. Which foods to add?

33:10 – What to eat for breakfast when you can’t have eggs. Plus, JJ’s take on goat milk and stevia.

39:54 – Golly, is there a definitive list for what we should eat? I’m confused!

47:59 – JJ’s top tips and supplements for Candida overgrowth.

53:17 – The Texas Chainsaw Massacre dude calls in.

53:41 – How a poor detoxification system cause cause the oddest food-related symptoms.

Click the player below to listen to the entire episode!

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