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Podcast 234: How to Not Look Old and Raggedy

Dr-Cates-rotatorby Sean Croxton

I don’t want to get old!

Now that I’m 36, the signs of aging are creeping up slowly but surely…

The gray hairs on my chin.

An aversion to loud music. (The older I get, the louder it gets.)

Taking an entire 15 minutes to get warmed up at the gym.

Hey, I’m no spring chicken anymore. Then again, despite the minor annoyances above, I’d say I’m aging pretty darn well.

I imagine that would have a lot to do with the way I live — real food, just enough exercise, plenty of sleep, low stress levels (well, most of the time), and an amazing group of friends who have similar lifestyles.

While there’s nothing I (or you) can to do to completely stop the aging process, it can certainly be slowed down by making the right choices.

This week on Underground Wellness Radio, Dr. Trevor Cates and I discusses exactly what those anti-aging choices are.

Click the player at the bottom of this post to listen.

Here are my notes:

4:45 – What a young Dr. Cates wanted to be when she grew up.

9:28 – What makes NDs so much different from MDs?

11:21 – Aging vs early aging

12:50 – Make it stop! Make it stop! What I found poking out of chest recently…

13:36 – The top 3 contributors to early aging.

14:52 – Does accelerated aging cause depression?

16:08 – Telomeres. What they are, and why you want long ones.

17:40 – 5 ways to support liver function. Here’s the link for MediClear.

20:32 – Is excessive exercise making you age faster?

22:57 – How much sun exposure is too much?

24:07 – Caller Q – Do bioidentical hormones increase the risk of blood clots?

25:19 – FB Q – Are there supplements to minimize aging from sun exposure?

29:34 – Do we need to restrict calories to increase longevity?

33:08 – FB Q – Does eating healthy fats help you look younger?

38:46 – FB Q – Does speeding up the metabolism make you age faster?

41:13 – Wrapping up.

Learn more about Dr. Cates at

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