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Podcast 232: Seriously, Stop Eating Gluten.

imagegetter.jspby Sean Croxton

Is gluten contributing to your health problems?

There’s one way to find out, and it doesn’t exactly require expensive testing and such.

Just STOP eating it.

Do it for 30 days and see if you feel better.

In my experience working with health coaching clients, nine out of ten people find that some, if not all, of their nagging health problems tend to disappear with the removal of gluten from the diet. When they start eating it again, the problems come right back.

Two plus two, right?

By now, everyone has heard of a gluten-free diet. Some people swear by it. Others call it quackery or a fad.

But this is no fad, my friends. This is science.

Our friend Dr. Tom O’Bryan has put together a FREE online summit that will inform you on the how, what, and why of gluten sensitivity. <-- Register Here This week, the doc was my special guest on Underground Wellness Radio. We played and discussed some of his favorite clips from the summit. This was some goooood radio! Click the player at the bottom of this post to listen to the entire show.

Here are my notes:

5:00 – It takes 17 years for the latest science to change the way doctors think and practice!

10:08 – The secular and religious glorification of wheat. It’s the “staff of life”, ya know!

14:58 – What those gluten-free labels REALLY mean. And can these foods still cause problems?

18:45 – How your immune system works. It’s like the Armed Forces in there!

22:00 – Just how much (or how little) gluten it takes to trigger a reaction. This is crazy…

25:10 – The guy with the rockin’ mustache drops truth bombs about the immune system.

30:03 – Why Dr. Marsh is THE DUDE. I mean, the guy has categories of intestinal breakdown named after him!

38:51 – This one is nuts. Thirty-percent of teenagers have subclinical heart disease!

43:16 – How taking care of people with diabetes will soon start messing with your bank account…

44:09 – Can humans even digest gluten?

48:51 – Caller Q: Is there a connection between gluten sensitivity and coffee?

51:35 – Caller Q: Is there a home self test for cross-reactive foods?

56:55 – Stop eating soy! Seriously, just stop it right now. Even tofu can increase your risk of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

1:00:15 – “The sickest people I see sometimes are vegetarians.”

1:01:48 – How the Gluten Summit works <--- Register Here Click the player below to listen in!

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Dig it!

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