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Podcast 231: Pain is Temporary. Quitting Lasts Forever.

istock_000002368152-don2527t-quit-665x442by Allyson Drosten-Brooks

Underground Wellness has come a LONG way since I first started here.

Things were rocky at times, with Sean even shutting down all social media and his YouTube channel. But he changed his mind and stuck it out. And I can say for certain, he’s never been happier.

One of the key components of his success is value, something that everyone should assess in their lives. Do you value yourself? Are you creating value for others?

To be successful in the business of helping others, or what Sean calls “help mastery”, the answers to both of those questions should be an emphatic YES.

But if they’re not, our friend Cynthia Pasquella is coming to your rescue — to help you live the life you deserve to live.

Because if you have a message to share that can change lives, but you’re not sharing it for whatever reason (fear, “not knowing enough”, lack of time, etc.) then you are doing a disservice to those who need you most.

To help you overcome the inertia of fear and uncertainty, Cynthia has put together a FREE video series to help get your rear in gear — in other words, to transform your mindset, relationships, health, and finances.

In this week’s episode of Underground Wellness Radio, she reveals her 3 Simple Secrets To Transform Your Body and Life, Help Others Do The Same, and Finally Experience Financial Freedom – Without Struggle or Compromise.

So if you’re in that place of “feeling stuck”, I highly encourage you to check this out.

Find your value. It’s there, I promise.

Click the player at the bottom of this post to listen to the entire interview.

These are my notes:

5:55 – Sean quits!

9:35 – Get Cynthia’s free videos!

10:40 – The importance of transformation.

13:45 – Cynthia’s inspiring background story.

20:48 – “You get your greatest breakthroughs after you have a breakdown”

21:45 – Motivation – the first ingredient in transformation.

24:37 – Do you need to change your money story?

28:21 – Why you should choose your friends wisely.

33:18 – Why it’s okay to forget your roots.

36:45 – Are you an information hoarder?

37:18 – A story to warm your heart…and inspire you!

40:45 – Why you need a model in your life.

44:58 – The return on investing in yourself.

46:54 – The one thing NOT to do if you want your foot in the door.

50:17 – “Leadership is like a fountain…”

53:46 – An awesome success story from one of Sean’s followers.

56:32 – Do you value yourself?

58:48 – Putting on your meditation hat.

1:00:27 – The birth of ITN.

1:02:45 – The key thing that makes Cynthia’s program different from others.

1:05:23 – Breaking it down: details on how ITN works.

1:08:31 – How you can get a free hour-long call with Sean.

1:11:23 – Again, know your value!

Click the PLAY button below to listen in. And be sure to check out Cythia’s FREE ITN Training Video Series HERE

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Enjoy the show!

Allyson the Assistant



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