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Juiced: The Green Smoothie!

This was YUMMY!

Today, Melissa Henig aka The Raw Food Stylist stopped by the Underground Wellness kitchen to give me a lesson in juicing.

I must admit that I’m new to juicing. I’ve been meaning to buy a Vitamix for at least a year now, but just haven’t pulled the trigger. Probably because I’m not the biggest fan of veggies. Yes, I eat them. But I’d rather eat a thousand other foods before munching on kale.

After today’s session, I now understand why people are so into it. It actually makes the vegetables taste good! And it’s much easier to get them down the hatch when they’re served in a cup.

Check out today’s video. We filmed three today. Be on the lookout for Melissa’s Sun Dried Tomato Spaghetti and Detox Salad recipes coming up later on this week.

If you’d like to try The Green Smoothie recipe, here’s what you’ll need:

* handful of spinach
* handful of kale
* 1 banana
* 1/2 cup frozen mango
* 1 inch ginger
* 1 piece of lemon
* 1 apple
* 1 cup of ice
* 1 cup of water
* sweetener of choice….dates, figs, honey, maple

See you tomorrow! Gonna blog about cell phones. You’re not gonna believe this!




9 thoughts on “Juiced: The Green Smoothie!

  1. Allen

    I love smoothies, but I HATE the cleanup. Maybe it’s because my blender sucks. How is the Vitamix with cleanup?

  2. Geny

    I agree with you, Sean…I don’t like vegetables also. As a kid, I always put the veggies on one side of my plate and only ate the meats and rice. Then, my folks would scold me for not eating them! Lol! Thanks for this video! This is definitely another great way to eat vegetables 🙂

  3. Jeff

    That’s awesome that there is green in the smoothie, but what about all that sugar? I mean, I know its fine, but there are other tasty ways of getting your veggies aside from pairing it with fruit. Apple, banana and mango and all I get out of it is some kale and spinach? Why not saute that kale in some butter? or make kale chips?
    Or, try sauteing spinach in coconut oil w/ nutmeg and pemmican? Not that there is anything wrong with these smoothies, they are da bomb I’m sure, but there are some darn delicious ways of eating your veggies that don’t involve a blender.

  4. Alex

    Hey Sean,

    Do you peel the ginger first? Also, is that a box of wheaties on top of your fridge?

  5. priyanka

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  6. UW Sean Post author

    Yeah, I think she peeled.

    The Wheaties box has Michael Jordan on it. It’s about 19 years old. Collector’s item. 🙂

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